Fresh Ideas for Your Prayer Ministry

Fresh Ideas for Your Prayer Ministry
T. F. Tenney


Rule # 1 Don’t be Monotonous

“I feel monotony and death to be almost the same.” — Charlotte Bronte

Monotony defined: doing the same thing over and over

1. Don’t do the same thing each week.
* Your prayer ministry should be the most exciting thing going on at your local church.
* It should be fresh (refreshing or renewed in vigor)
* Your prayer meetings should never be predictable.

2. Think out of the box.
* Do things to keep interest. (People should not want to miss prayer because they don’t want to miss what you do next.)
* Do the unconventional.
* Use props.

3. Involve their body as much as possible.
* They will have a more difficult time getting bored if they are active. (Stand up, raise you hand, clap your hands, move out in the aisles, get in small groups, etc.)

4. Have a good leadership team.
* Have people on your team that are creative and full of ideas.
* Have people on your team that are out of the box thinkers.
* Have people on your team that will actually follow through and implement the things the creative thinkers come up with.

5. Have different leaders for your prayer meetings.
* Choose different people with different temperaments to lead. (The prophetic, the funny, the mild and serious)
* Let your people match the subject matter. Don’t have the prophetic, forceful person lead the prayer meeting on meditation and getting quiet and listening to God and don’t have the quiet, soft-spoken person lead the prayer meeting on “Shout unto God”.

6. From time to time, relocate.
* Have the prayer meeting in the church balcony.
* Have a prayer walk through the church.
* Send three or four out through the neighborhood in cars praying down the streets. (drive-by praying)

7. From time to time, have an intergenerational prayer meeting.
* Use people from all groups (adult, senior, youth and children) to help lead.
* Make your focus interesting to all groups.

8. Don’t be afraid to use media in your prayer meetings.
* People retain more that they hear and see.
* A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, a picture can say more than you ever could.
* Put your prayer focus or list on PowerPoint and let it play throughout the prayer meeting.

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