Prayer Stations Bring Love to the Streets

Prayer Stations Bring Love to the Streets

By Nick Savoca


Young people around the world are taking the love of God onto the streets through the “Prayer Station ministry” — a division of the Youth With a Mission worldwide ministry.

“We don’t force anything on anybody. We offer free prayer to those who want it. Often this leads into an opportunity to share more about God and what Jesus’ life and ministry was all about,” David Hall, a leader of the ministry, related.

At the Auckland, New Zealand Prayer Station, one of over 200 around the world, the group of prayer ministers were encouraged by Christians and nonChristians alike.

“Sure many don’t care, some are ‘too busy,’ and others think they’ve ‘heard it all before.’ But week after week we’ve been encouraged by those who’s hearts God has prepared,” stated Hall.

Through the ministry, people are healed, relationships are restored, and the lost meet Christ.

The prayer ministers also prayed for the Christians who evangelize and share their faith on the streets, right beside them. One night, they realized just how much they were needed.

A Christian from another ministry told Hall what happened when they didn’t show up a few weeks ago.

On a stormy night, some of the Prayer Station team volunteers opted to skip just that one night.

But then the man said, “I sure hope you don’t do that very often. Your team is so faithful week after week. We really missed your presence. The enemy was really strong that night.”

He explained that they had a confrontation with non-believers who wanted them to leave.

He said, “That’s just one of many things that happened that night. So don’t underestimate the significance of your presence down here. We need you.”

The team didn’t realize other Christian groups on the streets felt that way about their work, but were greatly encouraged.

“We know God’s presence can make all the difference. Please pray with us.”

Prayer Stations started in New York City by YWAM leaders Nick and Rosanne Savoca. Outreach teams from many parts of the world have come to the Big Apple to offer free prayer for those who want it. And thousands have accepted the offer. As many as 18 Prayer Stations were up at one time in Manhattan. Now there are Prayer Stations in over 200 cities around the world.