Friday Night at the Movies

Friday Night at the Movies
Author Unknown

Take advantage of warm summer weather and create a fun and cost-conscious family outreach event by planning an outdoor movie night once a month. Last summer, a church in Tyrone, Pa., hosted two movie nights. The 55-member church was so excited about the response (200 people from the community) that it’s planning three more movie events this summer. This is one easy, low-budget activity everyone is sure to love.

Advertise Make fliers to place in local businesses and cards that church members can give out in the community. On the day of the event, post extra banners around the church.
Verify. Make sure you get the proper permissions. Contact Christian Video Licensing International ( to buy a licensing agreement. Take time to read the terms and purchase a license that fits your needs.
·Find A Location You’ll need a large, light-colored wall or large screen; room for seating and picnics; and access to electricity. If you select a public location, check with the city to get the necessary permits.
·Pick A Family-Friendly DVD. The church saw greater crowd response to a cartoon (Monsters, Inc.) than an action-oriented drama. Other suggestions: A Shark’s Tale, Ice Age.
Give Prizes. Feature a prize drawing to generate extra interest. Ask local businesses to donate door prizes. The night of the event, ask attendees to complete an entry form for several prize drawings.
Feed, Purchase popcorn for the night at a bulk food store.
Give A Brief Introduction.
Before Monsters, Inc. started, the church pastor introduced himself and the church, and gave a brief message on the movie’s theme. Have your church members wear name tags or shirts with your church logo so that visitors with questions about the church or its ministries can easily find them.

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