Shine the Light

Shine the Light

Children’s Ministry Magazine
September-October, 2003

11 ways to help kids share their love for Jesus at school


Summer’s over and kids are back at school. On the heels of a fantastic summer of vacation Bible school, day camp, and retreats, kids are more excited than ever about their faith in Jesus. How can you keep their sizzle from fizzling at school?

It can be scary for children to share their faith at school with friends—no matter how on fire they are. What do they say? When do they say it? How do they say it?

There are many fun and inexpensive ways you can empower kids to let their light shine at school. These resources capture friends’ attention, generate conversation, and provide opportunities for kids to share their faith.

Student Folders
Pocket folders are indispensable for preteens, and they’re as different as kids are. These folders help kids express their commitment, and they’ll love the cool designs.
Point: Be proud of your relationship with Jesus.
Scripture: Luke 9:26
Price: $1 each in packs of 24
Available from: Kerusso, 800-424-0943; (available in Christian stores)

Inspirational Buttons
These inspirational buttons are a hot item with preteens who are proud to express their heart for God. The powerful, hip designs will grab attention and spark conversation.
Point: Be proud of your relationship
with Jesus.
Scripture: Luke 9:26
Price: $.50 each, minimum order of 100
Available from: Kerusso, 800-424-0943; (available in Christian stores)

Christian T-Shirts
T-shirts that are more than just clothes. They’re a symbol of what we believe and how we want to be perceived. Let kids wear their convictions.
Some companies offer discounted prices for quantity orders, and Living Epistles will also imprint your church name or logo on the shirts you order.
Consider selecting a shirt that represents your children’s ministry or the challenge you want to present to kids this year.
Point: Express your thanks to God by sharing
his message.
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 9:12-13
Price: $8.99–$16.99
Available from:;;;

Evangecube Key Chain
These interactive storytelling cubes are a hit with kids. Kids can demonstrate Jesus’ message in a few quick motions, and then let friends try. The Evangecube conveys this powerful message without words, but it’s the perfect opening for kids to vocalize their love of Jesus.
Point: Share the message of Jesus.
Scripture: John 3:16
Price: $6
Available from: Evangecube,

Walk With
Consider having a wristband commitment signing party when you present kids with the challenge of walking with Jesus. Have kids sign one another’s bands with bright permanent markers to show their commitment to walk with Jesus and to pray for one another.
Point: Walk with Jesus.
Scripture: 1 John 1:7
Price: (package of 10) $5.99
Available from: Gospel Light, 800-446-7735;

Fruit of the Spirit Bracelets
These stretchy bracelets are perfect for girls. Each bracelet reflects a fruit of the spirit quality, and they’re sure to pique friends’ interest.
Point: Share the qualities God values above all others.
Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-8
Price: $1.49
Available from: Bob Siemon Designs, 800-854-8358;

Glass Cross Necklace
Girls love these colorful glass crosses, and their meaning is unmistakable. So let the cross do the work (sparking others’ interest) and let kids do the talking.
Point: Reminds kids of Jesus’
Scripture: John 3:16
Price: (per dozen) $9.95
Available from: Oriental
Trading Company, 800-228-2269;

Back to SCUBA Follow-Up Kit
Whether you used SCUBA VBS or not, this all-in-one resource gives you a complete two-hour party to challenge kids to follow God and share their faith! Folders, bookmarks, pencils, and zipper pulls are available.
Point: Follow Jesus.
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:3
Price: $14.99, other items
priced separately
Available from: Group Publishing, 800-447-1070;

My Ticket
to Heaven
Give kids a constant reminder of Jesus’ great love and sacrifice for us. This ticket-shaped pewter pendant comes with a bookmark that’s perforated so kids can tear off sections of their “tickets” to share with others.
Point: God loves all of us—share the good news!
Scripture: John 3:16
Price: $2.99
Available from: Christian Teacher’s Aid, 800-999-1874;

I Am Loved Pins
These pins are available at no cost, and they come in a number of different languages. They’ll inspire talks with kids about how much God loves us and how we can share that love with others. Give kids pins in a couple languages, then challenge them to pass the pins on to their friends at school.
Point: God loves me!
Scripture: 1 John 4:11
Price: Free
Available from:

One Truth Vinyl Stickers
Stickers have a universal appeal to kids of all ages—even some of us older kids! These hip, stylized expressions of Jesus’ sacrifice send an unforgettable message. Stickers come in black, white, red, blue, or yellow.
Point: Jesus is the only way to eternal life.
Scripture: John 14:6
Price: $2 each
Available from: One Truth, 800-799-4383;

Lynda Freeman is the editor for ’Round About the Church in Comstock Park, Michigan.

Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and prices are subject to change. Originally published in September-October, 2003 in Children’s Ministry Magazine.