Getting Ready for Christmas 

Brian Proffit

Yes, we know it’s aggravating to see Christmas decorations already appearing on shelves that are just being cleared of close-out Halloween items. But the reality is that you should already be well into your Christmas event planning, if you want things to happen smoothly. Here are some keys to keep in mind:

Vision – This isn’t about Christmas, it’s about Christ and if you’re like most churches it’s about all the people you won’t see inside your doors any other time of year!

Inviting – Reinforce the vision when inviting people to help. Don’t ask for people to build sets, ask for people with craftsmanship skills to help create a life-changing experience.

Time – Demonstrate your respect for others’ time by being thoroughly prepared for all meetings and arriving early. Encourage time for building community and a team spirit, but not to the point that time is wasted.

Listen – You put in a lot of time creating your vision for the event. But be willing to let go of pieces of that vision as the team starts coming up with suggestions for better ways to do it.

Attitude – When disagreements, delays, and difficulties start to raise the tension level, people will look to you. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how Christ-like leaders keep a calm attitude under pressure. Your reaction will either make things better or worse.

Praise – Find opportunities to compliment them and their efforts. Be lavish, people won’t get tired of it.

Recognition – Start planning now for how you’re going to give them appropriate recognition and thanks for what they’ve done. Be paying enough attention to their personalities and interests that you can target their individual thanks in ways that are personally meaningful.

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