The Week Before Christmas

By Lajoyce Martin

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through God’s house, The benches were empty, save for pastor and spouse. The saints were at home, decorating with care, In hopes that the relatives soon would be there, Without saying a prayer, they’d tumbled in bed…. With not even a thought of Christ in their head.

Mom in her apron, Pop in his chair, Dad eating popcorn, she’s fixing her hair It’s church night tonight, the conscience does clatter, But it’s so close to Christmas, what does it matter? The holiday season will be gone in a flash… They might take an offering, and I’m low on cash.

The parson at church, with head bowed low, Prays for each member, and then the tears flow:
“Oh God, cause before their eyes to appear The REAL MEANING of your birth at Christmas this year,
Cause their gay gatherings to make them heartsick when instead of You, they worship St. Nick.”

More rapid than eagles, the words and tears came, As he wept and he cried and called them by name:
“The Deacon! The Widow! And Brother Lukewarm. From those in the city to those on the farm:
Speak to each heart tonight through Thy call – Oh God, please save these Thy saints, one and all!

As dead leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, Each saint that was absent, felt his soul dry.
As if by some dawning, suddenly each knew He couldn’t miss church and find Christmas true.
Then in a twinkling, I heard some soul say, “We’re going to church; it’s Jesus birthday!”

Up from his knees and standing again, The parson watched as each member filed in. From their appearance, they’d come in a hurry. But down in his heart, he had not a worry.  From the looks on their faces, it made him to know. They’d awakened and conquered the trick of the foe!

Then laying his finger on a verse in the Book, he preacher rejoiced, as his text he took. The Spirit of Christmas came straight from heaven As he read that old story from Luke two and seven. And I heard the saints say, as they drove out of sight, “We’ve found the REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS tonight!”

From, “The Louisiana Challenger”/ / Page 10, by Lajoyce Martin. This material is copyrighted and may be used to study & research purposes only.