Just One Time a Year

By Kevin Cox

So many things about Christmas are repetitious. For instance, have you heard, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” yet? Yes, I have already heard it, even though we live in the Deep South and haven’t had a white Christmas in many years. You will probably see the “bell ringers” soliciting funds for the Salvation Army causes. Most of the stores you visit have had their Christmas merchandise on display since October. Your calendar is most likely full of events such as Christmas parties, Christmas banquets, and Christmas dramas. You drive through neighborhoods and see homes so beautifully decorated with lights. Even strangers seem to share some of the cheer when they greet you with a smile and say, “Merry Christmas.” As one song writer so aptly penned, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

As a child, I used to ask my mother, “Mom, why doesn’t Christmas come more than once a year?” Her obvious explanation was that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and, “Just like your own birthday, we celebrate only one time a year.” That made sense, but it certainly didn’t keep me from wishing I could open up all those gifts more than once a year. After all, isn’t Christmas all about receiving gifts? The little boy in me still thinks Christmas ought to be more than just one time a year.

When Jesus was born, so few people knew or cared about it. Obviously, shepherds came and celebrated His birth, then the wise men came. But who else celebrated? I certainly hope that the innkeeper and his family were thrilled about His birth. At least they were kind enough to provide a shelter, though it was not a normal room. Scripture fails to tell us of Jesus’ future birthdays, but we do know that now, nearly 2000 years later, we make a really big to do about His birth just one time a year.

Recently it dawned on me Christmas is more than once a year. As usual, the majority of people do not recognize it just as the majority did not realize it when He was first born. But the Apostle Paul understood; he put it this way, “I die daily.” If you die daily, then it means you have to be reborn daily as well. Accordingly, I am able to celebrate Christmas every day of the year. Because He died and rose again, I can likewise die out to my carnal nature and daily rise again to walk in the Spirit. In other words, I am a daily recipient of the best gift I ever received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Remember, isn’t Christmas all about receiving gifts? Thank you, Jesus! You are more than just one time a year.

From, “The Louisiana Challenger”/ www.Ladistupc.com / page 6, by Kevin Cox

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