By Phillip E. Hudson

I am convinced that each of us have a special talent or gift, resident within us, if we will just look diligently enough to find it! Many fail to discover their special gift for lack of incentive or necessity. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. The question could be asked: Did Thomas Edison have a true talent for inventing the light bulb? Or was lie just one of the many individuals in the world who became frustrated with the dimly lit working conditions that only an oil burning lamp could provide? Many times an individual’s gift or calling lies dormant until the occasion arises when he or she can no longer tolerate his or her state of existence and the voice calling for change must be answered.

Every modern convenience we enjoy today was born of an inconvenience in the past. Someone
the gift that was imparted to him by the Spirit of God!

He who engineered the solar system and flung the stars into their constellations has designed within each of us a gift or calling that is waiting to be awakened. It is rare that our gifts manifest themselves in seasons of convenience. Often we will need the nudge of challenge to stir within us a reason for change!

On your journey in life you may perceive yourself to lead a lackluster existence, while others around you excel in their personal ministries or achievements. You must ask yourself these questions: When is the last time I was be used of God? How long has it been since I’ve prayed, “The work of my hands arc at your disposal, Lord”? Your spiritual gift may only lie waiting to be stirred by the heart of one who is
somewhere had the idea, “Things will be what willing to use what he has for God’s kingdom.
they have always been, if we continue doing.

If necessity is the mother of invention, let us rise up at once and stir up the gift of God within us, us, “for the harvest is truly great, but the laborers are the gift of God, which is in thee” (II Timothy 1:6). few” (Luke 10:2). Resident in each of us is a gift or calling anticipating the right time and place to manifest itself for God’s glory. Availability releases God’s ability! Think about it!