Goal Setting and Calendar Planning for Youth Leaders


I. Goal Setting

A. Your Advantages in Setting Goals

1. Goals set your direction
2. Goals remove frustration, wasted time
3. Goals reduce your personal workload and your pressure of deadlines
4. Goals make the best use of your time
5. Goals create a well-rounded program that meets the needs of your
youth group

B. How You Can Set Goals

1. Know your responsibilities
2. Determine what results you desire to reach
3. Appoint date when you desire to accomplish this result
4. Specify the appropriate steps to be taken to attain your goal
5. Decide how much money is required to arrive at goal

REMEMBER: Keep your goals realistic and attainable with your specific
youth group in mind.

II. Calendar Planning

A. Look at Your Benefits in Calendar Planning

1. Calendar planning inspires and encourages your youth to attend
church and become active in your youth group.
2. Calendar planning supplies you with a record to look back on and
refer to for future use.
3. Calendar planning provides you with a sense of accomplishment.
4. Calendar planning aids you in stimulating others to plan for

B. How You Can Plan Your Calendar

1. Place a specific date you desire to attain your goal(s).
2. Divide the year into 12 months and insert the appropriate step(s)
for each month.–Quarters
3. Divide each month into weeks and insert the proper step for each
4. Assign specific dates to each step you are taking to reach your



I. Purpose

1. To conduct youth services each week at the church.
2. To develop dedicated Christian young people.
3. To provide avenues of fellowship and expression of talents.
4. Conduct evangelistic ministries outside the church.
5. To support organizational activities through attendance and giving.
6. To encourage and unite the youth of the church into one body.
7. To support the programs of the whole church.

II. Qualifications

1. Must be between the ages of 12 and 35 inclusive.
2. Must have the approval of the pastor.
3. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
4. Must have a consistent daily prayer life and Bible reading.
5. Must be involves in personal evangelism in contacting at least one
soul per week.
6. Read Conquerors Magazine each month.

III. Responsibilities

A. Take complete oversight of Youth Service Night.

1. Arrange for pianist, organist, song leader, ushers, specials,
service leaders, speakers, etc. (speakers must be cleared with the
2. See that the church is opened, locked up, lights on, heat
3. Make arrangements for transportation when necessary.
4. Service ideas: Panel discussions, Topical services, evangelistic
services, outdoor services, plays or skits, singspirations,
outreach services, exchange services, street meetings, witnessing
services, missions, film night, consecration services.
5. Contact youth when absent.
6. Make visitors feel welcome and see than they are contacted.

B. Take complete oversite of all Youth Activities

1. Christmas Caroling 5. Youth Socials
2. Bible Quizzing 6. Youth Conferences
3. Youth Week (February) 7. Sheaves for Christ
4. Youth Camp 8. Youth Rallies

C. Work toward developing a “Youth Committee” to assist in the
planning of various activities (see organizational structure chart
for the Youth Department).

D. Keep the pastor informed of all activities and consult him on any
major youth project.



1. Youth Service 7,28 4,11,18,25 2,9,16,23,30
“Great for God” Series

2. Youth Activity 21-Mt. outing) 27-Beach outing
11 (Young married Potluck)

3. SFC 2-SFC kick-off 2-16-Good Neighbor
8-Bake Sale 13-walk/bake sale
15-Dinner 20-car wash

4. Bible Quiz-7-kickoff 14-know 1/2 book 26-know whole book

5. Youth Cruscade 28-29

6. Youth Week-14-19

7. Youth Convention-20-23

8. Camp Promotion- 16-start earning money



1. SFC–
7- Picture kickoff 4-Block Devil contest –FIREWORKS–
13- Garage Sale 4-Dollar Drive
(lump sum due
20-Kilometers for Christ
23-Good Neighbor kickoff 6-Good Neighbor due
10-Picture Day

2. Youth Activity–
20-Barbeque 17-R and R Day @ Redding 4–Fun Night

3. Bible Quizzing–
6-Fellowship @ Anderson 3-Fellowshiping @ Burney 8-Divotional
16-Eureka vs. Arcata @ 17-Sect. 12 Finals @ Runoffs
Eureka Redding
20-Eureka vs. Anderson @

4. Camp Promotion
4-18–Money Projects 9-14–$ projects
4,6,11,13,18,20,25,27 2,4–promotion–9,11.
Promotion Days 15-21–Jr. Camp
15-22–Sr. Camp

5. Youth Cruscade– 28-29

6. Youth Service–
2-End Great For God “Do It Again”-6,13,20. 4-Fun Night
9-Bro Warren
16,23,30-“Do It Again” 27-Baseball Fun Night 11,25-“Do It Again”
Series Series
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ACTS with application to

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