The Responsible Youth Leader


What are the prime factors that develop a responsible Youth Leader?

A. Know your purpose.

1. Of your position.

a. Not just a title.
b. Requires certain qualifications.

1. Servants of all.
2. Spiritual.
3. Patience.
4. Dedication.
5. Age limitation.
6. Good relationship with young people.
7. Good Example.
8. Initiative.

2. Of your youth group.

a. To learn spirituality.
b. To express themselves.
c. To train for leadership.
d. For service.

3. Of your committee.

a. Committee should consist of

1. Youth Leader,
2. Assistant youth leader,
3. Secretary/Treasurer,
4. 3 members of youth group.

b. Planning (pooling of ideas).

1. Church services.
2. Social activities.
3. Promotions.
4. Fund raising.
5. Misc. (as the need arises).

c. Delegate responsibilities.

1. Definition: to commission to act for one, to commit to the care of.
2. Examples: Jesus feeding the 5,000; Go ye; and tree trunk-branches-
leaves, blossoms, fruit.

d. Evaluation.

1. Of all programs and activities.
2. Benefits future plans.
3. Determines whether or not you are reaching goals.

B. Know how to lead.

1. Youth committee.

a. Agenda.
b. Always stay in control.

2. Youth service.

a. Meet the needs of young people.
b. Involve the young people.

3. Techniques of leadership.

a. Learned.
b. Encourage, don’t drive.
c. Be assertive (Say what you believe, believe what you way).
d. Proper attitude–PMA.
e. Self-confidence.
f. Smile.
g. Humor only when applicable.
h. Know where you are going.
i. Clear, cool thinking.
j. Good voice expression–pleasant.
k. Enthusiasm.
l. Be relaxed.
m. Good posture.
n. Good appearance.
o. Speak loud enough, but not too loudly.
p. Speak clearly.
q. Be sincere.

C. Know how to get a job completed.

1. Organize–take the responsibility.

a. See the needs.
b. Tie all working parts together as a working unit.

2. Deputize–share the responsibility.

a. Committee members.
b. Young people.

3. Supervise–Oversee the Responsibility.

a. Assignment form.
b. Check back for completion.

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