Handling Problems In Bus Ministry

By Dave Smith

I. Expect Problems

Any time you work with people expect problems.

II. Identify The Real Problem

Sometimes the surface problem is not the real underlying problem.

III. Consider The Source

Always evaluate who it is that is bringing the problem to your attention.

IV. Don’t Overreact

Be calm as you are listening to and solving problems.

V. Decide What Action Should Be Taken

A leader must make wise decisions to solve the problem.

VI. Be Careful When You Deal With People

Never overreact to people. You can correct people firmly but with kindness.

VII. Correct The Problem As Soon As Possible

Problems that are not corrected quickly build to be larger problems.

VIII. Avoid Bothering The Pastor With Small Problems

Only major problems should be brought to the pastor’s attention.

IX. Pray About Problems

God through prayer will give you the wisdom you need for problem solutions.

X. Give God The Glory

Always reflect all glory to the Lord, not to yourself.