Help Me Heal: National Conferences for Women (Newsletter 2-5 Ministry)

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It was a vision from the Spirit of God. Sis. Lynda Allison Doty could see a field of wheat as a gentle breeze began to blow from the left side of the field. As it passed over, all of the wheat was bent over like a giant wave. Says Sis. Doty, “It happened that way at the very next conference where I was speaking. The ladies were all standing, and then slowly like a giant wave, they dropped to their knees as the Holy Ghost passed over. It looked just like the vision of the wheat field He had shown to me.” That was where the Help Me Heal Conferences were first born. One sister, who had traveled from coast to coast, to be at that conference, said she had never seen anything like it. She left that conference, touched and changed by the Spirit of God.”

This vision would launch more Help Me Heal Conferences. Said Sis. Doty, “I’ve seen it for our ladies from the very first. It will happen! These conferences are for the hurting and those who minister to the hurting. They have tried everything, but still they hurt. How many of our altars are filled with wounded tending the wounded? We long to see these same women return to their home churches healed and whole, bringing it back to the ladies of those churches. It’s a small wonder we have such a revolving door effect in many of our churches.”

Sis. Doty believes the Word of God is all-powerful, and that our task is to show others how to dig out the principles in the Word, applying them to any problem or issue they have. She said, “The design of this conference does not include personal, individual counseling, but teaches solutions from the Word of God.” Sis. Doty realizes these last days can be tough.  She says, “Our people are bringing all kinds of issues and problems with them as they come into church. Most of us don’t really know what to do with them. There are issues nobody really wants to talk about, and these are the very things some ladies are struggling with. Where do they go for help? Who knows about these secret hidden hurts? There is a time to heal and that time is now. It is time to let God be the Guide, Physician, and Counselor for these women.”

Speakers for these conferences include Sis. Doty, Claudette Walker, Roffie Ensey, Ruth Rieder Harvey, Barbara Hilderbrand, Sharon White, Karla Gordon Trevino, Patsy Shurte, Angela Prather, and others to be announced. There are breakaway sessions on topics such as depression, divorce, addictions, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, postpartum depression, abortion, pornography, eating disorders, idolatry, and others. Topics and speakers vary with location.

These conferences are based on the anointed book, Help Me Heal, which has been a bestseller for over ten years. Many have found healing through this book, and this anointing has spilled over into counseling, teaching, and ministry through the years. Sis. Doty said, “We now bring it all together in one place at one time.”

Four conferences are planned; Muskegon, MI., Providence, RI., Benton, IL., and Lewiston, ME. Registration information, including cutoff dates, can be found on the website; or through email at