Hold On; I’m Coming

by Bro. Nickelson

Go with me to the book of John the fourteenth chapter and third verse. “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto my service, that where I am, there you may be also.”God has a message for every Christian. The Lord would have us speak tonight on a simple subject, “Hold On, I’m Coming”. Church, Jesus is coming back just like he said he would. Just hold on a little while longer. The devil would have you think you can’t hold out, but let’s hold on, because he’s coming soon.

The signs are beginning to get right. Sometimes we ought to learn how to read the signs. What’s wrong with us? We’re on a highway and we can’t read the signs. God has told us how to get there, but we make it our business to ignore the signs. I’m telling you tonight that you ought to hold on just a little while longer. There’s a lot of things that you miss along the way when you don’t take time to reach God. God has a danger sign out there. If you’re prayed up, wrapped up, tied up, or tangled up in Jesus, then he will warn you when danger is around the corner.

We ought to learn how to hold on just a little while longer. Sometimes we get ready to give up just when the victory is in sight. Several of you here are ready to give up, but God wants me to te11 you to just hold on a little while longer.

One day God is gonna say time is up. He’s gonna tell Gabriel to get on his holy horn. Gabriel is gonna play music that no man can understand. All of the angels that are in the host of God are gonna rise and get dressed and prepare themselves to go with Jesus. God is gonna come as a thief and a robber. He will come when you least expect it” I imagine that it could be in the evening. The sun will be setting down slow; men and women everywhere will be settling back in their beds. Somebody might be watching the late show. Somebody might be watching Johnny Carson. I tell you tonight, that when Jesus comes, someone might be looking out the window toward the east, and they’re gonna see the sky begin to split open and angels are gonna fill the sky. Hear me tonight! Jesus will come riding down on his Holy Chariot. At that time, all of the saints of God, who held on a little longer, are gonna be caught up to meet him in the middle of the air. Husbands
and wives will be sleeping, one will be taken. Mothers will be holding babies, moms will be taken.

You ought to hold on just a little while longer. The devil wants you to turn around, but you can make it if you really want to. But, what’s wrong with us tonight. Our hearts are not made up. Our minds are not made up. You’re not really determined to hold out till the end. The reason some of us can’t hold is because we haven’t really been through anything. God has never tried us. God always tries those he loves.God had a man named Daniel. Daniel would always pray. It is a good thing to always pray. I tell you, when you call on God, the enemy is always watching. The old enemy went to the King and said, “That man, that you set up there is praying to his God, and you’ve already said, Nobody ought to pray to any other God. But, this man named Daniel still
prays to his God. The King sent for Daniel and said, “I hear that you’re still praying to your God when I’ve commanded everyone to pray only to my God and no other God. Daniel believed in His God and continued praying to his God.

Some Christians today say they believe in God but they won’t step out the way Daniel did. The King told Daniel that if he didn’t bow down to this God, then he was going to have to punish him. Daniel told the King, “Do what you wish, for my faith is in God.” The King told Daniel, “I’ve got to put you down in the Lion’s den,” he said, “But I want to know, is that God that you pray to above my God? Is he able to deliver you in time of trouble?” Daniel could have let go of his faith, but he had to hold on just a little while longer. Before he went in the Lion’s den, he prayed to
his God. A lot of us need to pray before we go into the Lion’s den. We ought to hold on just a little longer. Daniel went in the Lion’s den, but before he got there, God had already been there and shut the lion’s mouths.

We worry sometimes about what will happen to us if we step out on the world. If we will hold on a little while longer, If we will pray a little harder, then God will go in front of us. Yes he will! Well, they rolled that stone back to the den and put Daniel in there with the lions. Now, the King loved Daniel, and he was worried about him. But what he didn’t know was that Daniel had God on his side. The King couldn’t sleep or eat. The next morning he ran to the den and had the stone rolled away. He looked in and called, “Daniel, 0 Daniel, Is that God that you pray to able to deliver you?” Daniel looked upand said, “0 King, live on. My God has delivered me.” You ought to hold on a little longer. Sometimes we give up when God has already answered our prayer. We need to hold on a little longer.

Jesus is my God. And he comes to my rescue when the revival is over. If it stops right there and the fire goes out, then you must have been burning with the wrong kind of fuse. You see, man can turn the electricity off, he can turn the gas off, he can stop the delivery oil and pull up all the trees. But there will still be a fire burning in your soul.

I’m like Jeremiah sometimes; God’s word is like a fire shut up in my bones. Something down on the inside takes me back to the 14th chapter of John. Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you, but when I go, I’m gonna come again and receive you unto myself”. When you have done the best you can and you’re ready to give up, instead of throwing your hands down, throw your hands up. The devil whips and keeps on beating and mistreating you. But just hold on a little longer.

Several times we put things on the devil, that the devil didn’t even do. We go out of our way to look for trouble. We go out of our way to cause problems in our life. We go out of our way to live in an ungodly manner. And the first thing we do is say the devil is on us. But the flesh of man loves sin, your first love is sin until you find the love of God. Don’t put everything on the devil, sometimes we are a willing party. God is not gonna let you hide behind the devil. He’s going to judge you, because nobody made you get up here.And say you were a Christian, nobody made you get up and say you loved the Lord. If you didn’t love him, you shouldn’t have said it. If you weren’t going to live right, you shouldn’t have started down this highway.

A lot of us have turned our motive off. We’re not going nowhere because we can’t hold out. But after a while, God’s gonna come back just for those that were able to hold on to the end. “Well, preacher, you just don’t know what I’m going through. You don’t know how rough it is for me”. Well, I’ve got news for you. God will bring you through. When your back is against the wall, and you can’t do nothing else, “man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”. When you get your hands out of it, God puts his hand in it. As long as you’ve got your hand in it, God can’t work. If you trust the Lord, he will bring you through sickness, he’ll bring you through loneliness, he’ll keep you in high times, he’ll keep you in low times and through it all, he’ll stand right by your side. When folks deny you, he’ll stand right by your side. When folks lie on you he’ll stand right by your side. When people desert you he’ll stand by you. When my mother & my father leave me, the Lord will take
me up.

What’s wrong? You haven’t been through nothing, when you think your trial is too much to bear, God ought to put something else on you, make you a little stronger. After a while, the weight of the world will knock you down where you belong.Several of us are so high minded, so holier than thou, more saved than thou, wiser than me. If you think that your so saved, that you can’t witness to nobody, then you’re not gonna hold on much longer. If you think your so holy that you can’t pray with anybody, your not gonna hold on much longer.

You ought to be like the widow who took what she had and save it to God. God don’t need nothing that you’ve got. If you don’t want to give, then God don’t want it either. God won’t make you sing if you’ve got a voice. God won’t make you preach if he calls you. God won’t make you love with hatred in your heart. You’ve got to make up your mind to hold on a little longer. I know the road is rough, but you’ve got to hold on.

I want to hear somebody say, “I’m still holding on”. Every now and then, I had to go back to the well and draw a little water. Every now and then I had to make time for Jesus. But most of all I have learned to hold on. Through it all, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus. Talk about me. That’s alright, He kept me through it all. He loved me thru it all. He loved me thru it all. Hold on just a little while longer. Don’t stop now, don’t give up now. Learn to hold on a little while longer.