The Operative Power

By: Rev. Chester Wright

If you’d remain standing just a moment, let me say very briefly, so that I can conserve your time and hopefully retain your interest the maximum length of time possible. I appreciate those who have invited me. I appreciate being in this great church with this Pastor, and I appreciate what I feel from Bro. Mooney. I’m anxious to get to know him better. I appreciate each and every one of you. I realize that it’s not normal operating procedures to go to preach in a situation like this and preach the same subject every night. And if this is your first night here, a lot of what I’m going to say tonight, if taken in the context of only this service, you are going to miss the benefit of it.

I’m not trying to sell tapes, I don’t get a cut on them, but I am going to say that the three nights are going to be taken can only be appreciated as a whole and received as a whole, and I’m going to
preach on righteousness again tonight, but I’m not going to use righteousness in the title. In fact, I’m gonna teach on righteousness from a verse that would probably shock you. Ephesians, Chapter 3, and I’ll like to begin with Verse 20.

Bro. Young, I normally preach without notes. I usually have a better flow but Wednesday night scared me and so I’ve come with a couple pieces of papers, papers last night and a couple tonight, just so I feel better in case it doesn’t flow. Ya know what I mean. I didn’t need them last night. I sure needed them the night I didn’t have them.

But, this is in my heart, because it’s not theology to me. It’s reality. I don’t have all the answers, by far, God knows that’s the truth, on this subject. But I’m thankful there’s a door open that I can walk through and find some answers I’ve been looking for, for a long time. Ephesians 3 and Verse 20. Now I’m preaching about righteousness, believe it or not. “Now unto him that is able to do
exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church, by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world without end.” Amen. Praise God. You may be a little perplexed right now how I can get righteousness out of this, but in just a few moments, the Lord, speaking through me, what he gave me today, you’ll now only see it, but rejoice in it.

And, of course, flat spots are relatives, smooth spots are relatives, relative, and in my opinion we bit a, there was a smooth spot at the end. Uh, but, by my definition obviously of a smooth spot, this message will probably be the smooth spot tonight that I didn’t reach in a lot of your minds last night. Praise God, Amen. I want you to understand something. I’m not different than any other preacher. The brethren that I know and have a chance to fellowship with, none of them are interested in just preaching sermons. I’m not interested in sermonizing. I came here as I said to ya Wednesday night, that I came to help, and that’s my desire, is to help, and I believe that these three messages, taken in context and as a whole, will add a little something to your life, possibly, that wasn’t there before. Praise God. You may be seated, God bless you in Jesus name.

I’m titling the message tonight “Operative Power”, Operative Power. Now, I will do my little trick again, so watch it and see if you can figure out what I’m doing here. Now on him that is able to do
exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think accordingly to the Power that is within us. Praise God. Did ya catch it? You caught it. The scripture does say that we shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon us, but let me be so bold as to say this to you. The biggest problem we’ve got or, and that’s hyperbole, you know what hyperbole is? That’s when you overstate something, you’re not living, you’re just stating it much more sever that it is, trying to make, emphasize a point. So obviously, it’s not the biggest problem that we’ve got. Rut it’s one of our biggest problems, okay I don’t have time to delineate all of our biggest problems but, one of the biggest problems we’ve got is we have power that’s not working. And our problem is, it’s not that we don’t want it to work, we don’t know how to get it to work. God does not do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think by power that resides in us. He does it by the power that is operative within us. The Greek word translated here, “worketh”, is the literal word. When you take that Greek word literally, those letters, and bring them into the English language, you have the word, energize. According to the power that is energized within us, according to the power that is active within us, according to the power that is operative within us.

People don’t get healed because power is in us, people get healed because there’s operative power. We don’t get needs met because there’s power with us, we get needs met because there’s operative power. There’s a lot of power sitting in this parking lot out here. I think that’s right, right? This parking lot right out here. There’s a lot of power sitting out there, but what’s that power doing right now? You hope nothing. There’s a lot of power sitting out there right now and that power is nothing more than potential. Bro. Jack Deart says that potential means basically “you ain’t done it yet.” There’s a lot of potential power sitting in that parking lot, but there takes the smallest little key, just a very small thing. It’s a little key that most of ya have in your pockets or your purses right now. If you put it into the ignition you can make contact and activate the power and then you can go down the highway fast enough to get yourself in trouble.

But right now, it sits out there as potential power. It’s power that resides, but it’s not power that’s operating. And I believe that probably 90% of us sitting in this building tonight are frustrated
because we are trying to believe that we have power but because it’s not working we have a hard time believing it’s there. Anybody be able to say amen to that? How would you like to be able to leave this place tonight knowing how to turn your power on and get it working? You like to know that? Well, that’s about 20 people. That’s not, I’m not taking an offering. So you can afford to raise your hand. This is not a trick question, how many of you would like to leave this place tonight knowing how to get your power operating? Praise God. Now, I’m going to say this boldly. You’re going to leave here tonight knowing how to do it. Whether or not you do it, that’s between you and God.

I’m gonna show you scripturally in a plain and simple way how the Bible says to get your power working. Now whether or not you’re willing to do it, that’s another thing. But I’m gonna tell ya how the Bible says do it. Praise God. The scripture says in Philippians 2:13, a very basic verse, and a verse that ties in well with the end of last night. So let this be the smooth spot that I was suppose to get to last night, okay? Philippians 2:13 says “For it is God which worketh,” that’s the exact same Greek word, it is God that activates, it is God that energizes, it is God that makes operative within us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Hallelujah! The biggest struggle we’ve got is, there I go with that hyperbole again. One of our struggles is, I’m trying to quit that, one of our struggles is that we don’t feel this heavy burden all the time we want to feel or we don’t feel that compulsion to go to work and we don’t feel love like we always want to feel it and so on and so forth. And we wonder, how do you get that? And we fault ourselves because we think there’s something wrong with us because we don’t feel those things all the time. But let me tell you something, friend, desire, true desire, desire that God honors is only desire that God activates. The only desire that God honors is the desire that God activates, that God energizes. For it is God who energizes within you the desire, the word, will there is the Greek word phelima and it means the wish, want or desire. It’s God that activates within you the desire. Do you know you can’t have faith for something you don’t desire. Jesus said, whatsoever things ye desire, when you pray believe you receive them, and you’ll have them. If you don’t desire something, you’re not going to have it.

But here’s the point, you can’t have a desire that God honors, unless its one that he activates. Now I can desire to be an apostle but unless God desires me to be an apostle, I’ll never be an apostle. I can desire to be a prophet, but if God doesn’t desire me to be a prophet, I’ll never be a prophet. I can desire a hundred soul revival this weekend, but if that’s not the desire of God, it’s not gonna
happen. I might be able to produce a hundred converts, but they won’t last because every tree that my heavenly Father has planted is gonna be rooted up. Hello? Hello? Praise God. Amen. For it is God that worketh in you, both to will, both to desire and to do of his good pleasure. But it’s not that he activates us to do of his good pleasure, the word, to do there is not normally the word as translated to do which is the word. Uh, one of the key words is dotunus, uh, which means to be able or to be possible to do. That’s not, that’s not the word there. The word there again is energize. So it is God that energizes in me the desire and then it’s God who energizes within me the things that please Him, to produce them through me. I don’t do them, he does them through me. That’s exactly what that verse is saying. It’s God that first energizes in me the desire to see it done, so that I will yield to Him and let him do it through me! Hallelujah. Again, that’s not symatics, friend, that’s all the difference in the world. It’s not even in the same ball park. Do you want to please God? Yea, scripture says we’re created in Christ Jesus unto good works. If Jesus is living in me, is he good? Peter preaching to Cornelius said, of Christ, that he went about doing good. Does anybody question here that Jesus does good? Then instead of me trying to do good, if I’ll let the Christ that’s living in me be energized, he will do the good works, for he always does those things that are pleasing to his father. And if he always does those things that are pleasing to his father and he’s the one living in me energized, activated, operative in me, then the things I do will always be pleasing to God. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Praise God!

Now, let’s talk about how to get the power energized, and can I be so blunt as to say it this way. When you separate the power from the personality, you miss the whole point. The reason I have power in me is because I have Christ in me. That power is not separated from the personality within me. So it’s not the power that’s inoperative, it’s the Christ that’s in me that’s inoperative and He is inoperative because I won’t let him work. Hey, let me tell you something, friend. It’s one thing to have the Holy Ghost, it’s another thing to live in it. A lot of us have the Holy Ghost, but the idea is, does the Holy Ghost have you?

Are we telling the Holy Ghost what to do or is the Holy Ghost telling us what to do? Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise God. Now in Matthew Chapter 4, Verse 4 and Luke Chapter 4, verse 4, the Old Testament is quoted and the scripture says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedth out of the mouth of God.” Now, again, I want you to listen to me carefully because this is critical. Some of you have heard this and rejected it and I don’t know how you can reject it. I’m gonna be real hard on this point, okay? Real hard, real hard. Some of you are so superstitiously loyal to the King James Version that you reject the word of God. I’ve had people all over the place commenting, make little joking remarks about my efforts to learn, I don’t know any Greek, but I study what those that know Greek know.

Then people, you know, oh well, Wright’s gonna quote Greek. You know why? It’s the Greek that’s inspired, not the English. I said, if you believe the King James Version is divinely inspired, you and Joseph Smith ought to talk, cause he’s the only other guy I know that speaks of divinely inspired translation. And you know where he ended up. Joseph Smith, do you know who he is? Some of you do. Right. The King James is not divinely inspired. I’m sorry, that’s tradition. It’s been reported, I pray it’s only a joke, it’s been reported that one of our brothers supposedly said “Well if the King James was good enough for Apostle Peter, it’s good enough for me.” Now, I hope that was told just as a joke, the guy that told it said it was true. I hope that’s not the case. Let me tell you why the Lord chose Greek for the New Testament. Because Hebrew is a very inexact language. Even most Hebrew scholars can’t even agree on the definition of some Hebrew words. They
are very inexact, they can change definitions very widely. The same word, depending on the context, can mean something totally different. But the Greek is not like that. The Greek is extremely specific. The English uses one word, love. The Greek will use four, five, six, seven, eight words for love. Because each one of them have a different meaning and a different motive behind it. It’s very specific. Greek is still the language of science because of its exact nature. God chose it before science did. Now, when it comes to this word, word that proceedth out of the mouth of God, that every man shall live by, it is not the word logos used here.

The two primary words for the English word, w-o-r-d, is logos and raima. Logos is specifically that which has been spoken, it is the forever settled principles of God. It’s the recorded word of God. It’s that which shall never pass away though heaven and earth does. It is eternal, it is not finite, it is not temporal, it is not temporary, it is the forever settled word of God. It’s that which we gauge and judge everything by. Logos. But He did not only say, man shall live by every logos that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He said, man shall live by every raima that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Now raima is the utterance. It’s very literally defined by Tharesa-lexicon as the utterance of the living voice. It is the word of the spirit speaking to my heart today, right now, for some specific situation. Raima is always subject to logos. The scripture says, try the spirits and that’s not trying the spirits. Trying the spirit is taking what you feel the spirit is saying to you and comparing it with the forever settled word, to see if it’s in harmony with it, because raima is always in harmony with the logos. But notice what he said about raima. Man shall not live by bread alone, but man shall live by raima that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Mm-hum. I feel a little raima in here tonight. Oh yes sir. Raima. Sermons may be relating to you logos but messages from God, that impact our lives are raima. The little old Sunday School song, every promise in the book is mine, every chapter, every verse, every line, is a lie! I don’t know how to say it any less blunt than that and get my message across.

It’s an absolute lie! It’s a falsehood, it’s a lie, it’s promoting the wrong thing. I’m not about to build an ark, etc., etc., etc. In fact, the only way any promise in this book is mine, is when raima, the voice of the spirit takes logos and quickens it to my hear for my need today, right now. That’s why the name it and claim it people are in such big trouble. Because they go and take logos and claim as if it were raima and then when it doesn’t happen, they don’t know what’s wrong. You have no right to go to this book and claim anything in here, unless the spirit guickens it to your heart first. Whew! Well, there’s a flow somewhere in here.

Romans 1:16 says “for I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for everyone that believeth, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” For therein, therein, everybody, say therein, therein what? Therein what? Therein the Gospel. In the Gospel, therein the Gospel. What is Gospel? It means to announce good news, it’s now logos, it’s raima. Gospel is of no value unless it’s announced, unless it’s spoken, unless its communicated. Well, people out of the Bible, isn’t that good enough to be saved? NO sir, cause that’s logos and unless some man guides you this much, unless somebody takes logos and through the spirit makes it raima for you, you’re not gonna live. The only way man can live is when logos comes alive as raima in my heart and produces life. When! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise God! And it goes on to say this, for there in is the righteousness of God revealed. From faith, to faith, the just shall live by faith.

The word translated just here is exactly the same Greek word that’s translated righteous. The righteous shall live by faith, or in other words, the righteous or just men shall live by his faith. If you’re gonna have life, you can only have it by your faith. The person who is righteous by faith is gonna live by his faith. How can I say that? Because Romans 10:7 says this, faith comes by hearing, hearing by the raima of God. This does not produce faith, my friend. This books does not produce faith. That’s why an atheist can read it’ study it, that’s why colleges can take it and use it as a literature course, and nobody ever has faith. Because it’s not the book that produces faith, it’s when the spirit takes the logos and quickens it to my heart as raima, then there’s faith. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Praise God.

Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the raima of God. So the just shall live by the hearing of the word of God. Man shall not live by bread, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I live because I’m in communication with the living God, who resides in me, who speaks to me, who talks to me, who directs me, who tells me what He wants to do and I cooperate with it. There’s where life is. I feel a little bit of life right here, right now. I’m gonna tell you what, if some of you get ahold of this thing, there’s no telling what God will do in this place tonight. We’re gonna go from preaching to ministry in a little while, if the Lord wills. I didn’t come here with that plan, but what I’m feeling round here is some raima wanting to do some work. Hallelujah – a little side light here, not in my notes, the gifts of the spirit and all the spiritual stuff is so mystical to us.

Nothing mystical about it. Everything God does is done by raima. Somebody speaks in tongues, it’s done by raima. If you give a message, the interpretation of tongues, it’s raima. It’s the spirit giving you the word, that’s not hard. Word of wisdom is nothing more than raima. Word of wisdom is nothing more than raima, revealing something nobody else knows. The word of knowledge is nothing more than raima telling you something somebody else knows, what you don’t know, which you need to know. Discerning of spirits is nothing more than raima telling you what kind of spirit a person is battling. The working of miracles is nothing more than raima, it’s God giving you the word to speak, to see the waters parted or whatever else He wants to do. All of it works by
the word of God, life comes from raima. Faith comes from raima. Power is activated by raima. Hallelujah! Hebrews 1:3 say this, trying to stay calm, but its getting hard. Hebrews 1:3, “who being the brightness of His glory in the express image of His person and upholding all things by the word of His ” The word of his power. That’s not logos there either, power. Friend, that’s raima. He upholds all thing by the raima of His power. You want your power working? You gotta have raima. It is the raima of your power. It’s the spirit speaking to your heart that activates power. Mm mm mm mm. That word uphold there, is a very broadly translated Greek word and several translations. Put it this way, he guides all thing by the word of His power. He propels all things by the word of His power.

But I think I like the very best, the way the living New Testament particularly translates this one particular Greek word. It says, he regulates all things by the word of His power. He regulates it, He regulates healing, He regulates salvation, He regulates deliverance, He regulates the supply of your need. He regulates life by the word of his power. Hebrews 11:3, we’ve read 1:3, now here’s 11:3, listen to what it says, through faith we understand that the words were framed through the raima of God. He spoke, let there be light and there was light. He released His own power by raima. His power isn’t operative until he speaks. But now, in this day and time, in the 20th Century church, His power isn’t operative until He speaks to us and finds somebody who will speak what He is speaking to them. Do you want the power of God to work? You gotta hear raima and speak raima. I’ll prove that to you. Romans Chapter 10 please. What an awesome chapter this
is, an awesome chapter.

One of the most revealing chapters in all of the Bible in my opinion at least today at this point and time in my life Verse 1 says, brethren my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved. Can you believe that? People of God lost. Children of God lost, Paul’s greatest desire was for the children of God to be saved, implying they weren’t. Here’s why they weren’t saved, for I bear them record that they have a zeal of God. But not according to knowledge. What is this knowledge they’re lacking? For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, that’s what they were ignorant of. That’s what they lacked knowledge of. Does that sound familiar at all? Does that at all sound familiar with where we’re living? A zeal for God? Go to church 3 or 4 times a week, live by all these standards, give all this money, come in here and act like the world thinks in a way that’s crazy, jumping up and down, waving your hands, clap your hands, singing. Some of us do, at least. Ya know, all that’s really wild, isn’t it, you know. What a zeal we have, but without knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness have not submitted themselves to the righteousness of God. Bro. Wright, is all this righteousness stuff mandatory? I mean are you telling me that all this effort I’m putting into living for God I gotta stop right now? Why, God’s been good to me, in the midst of all this, he’s been good to us in our ignorance. But at the times of this ignorance being worked out, now he commands all men everywhere to repent.

Do you know what the word repent means? It means to change your mind. It means to change your direction and God wants us to repent of our establishing our own righteousness and to submit ourselves to his righteousness. Amen. Now listen to verse 4, for Christ is the end of the law, for righteousness to everyone that believeth. If you’re attempting to be righteous by what you do instead of being righteous by faith, because it dwells in you and then letting the Christ who is righteous living in you do the work. Then He’s not the end of the law to you. Verse 5, for Moses described righteousness which is of the law, that the man which doeth these things shall live by them. And the only way you can live by them is to do all of them. In other words, the only way to live life by the law is to keep all the law. If you don’t keep all the law, then you don’t have life by the law. If you don’t have life by the law, then you are dead. Dead. Now listen to this, but the righteousness which is of faith speaketh.

Now I’m gonna take this moment here, I want to let it sink in, those of you who will let it sink. Anybody here letting it sink? Anybody thinking about what that just said? Righteousness talks? Righteousness talks! Whew! Mmm. Righteousness talks!! You wanna be righteous? Let righteousness talk to you and do what righteousness tells you to do. Because righteousness speaks, but let me tell you what it doesn’t say, but the righteousness which is of faith, speaketh on this wise, say not, the first thing righteousness tells us is what not to say. Say not in thine heart, who shall ascend into heaven that is to bring Christ down from above or shall ascend into the deep that is to bring up Christ again from the dead. The first thing righteousness says to us is something not to say. You know what that’s implying? It’s saying, don’t say this, somehow I’ve got to get God to come down here to me. Righteousness doesn’t say that. Because the righteous by faith
would never say that. Because the only way you can have righteousness by faith is He’s living in you. So you don’t have to get him up from the dead again. Righteousness knows he’s alive. The righteousness knows where he lives. So righteousness doesn’t say, Oh God come down to us. Righteousness never says we’ve got pray the Holy Ghost down. I don’t have to pray anything down. I brought it in here with me. I’m a temple of the living God, I’m a habitation of God through the spirit. And then I’m a vessel fit for the Master’s use. I’m His house, I’m His habitation, and if I yield myself, then I’ll become His tool, His vessel. But I brought Him in here and if He’s not moving that’s because you’ve got him locked up.

Well, the Lord’s not doing anything here tonight. Hogwash! We’ve got Him shut up, we won’t let Him work. Well, let’s pray he Holy Ghost down. No. you need to pray the Holy Ghost out. The Holy Ghost needs to have a jailbreak. Mmm mmm. I’ve heard preachers talking about having the Lord shut up with four walls of a building, friend, that’s not the problem. I’ve got the Lord shut up inside this temple of flesh. I won’t let him out, I won’t respond to Him, I won’t do what he says. Hey, if you’ve got righteousness dwelling in you, by faith, it’s the first thing that speaks to you when it talks to you. You don’t have to bring Him down and you don’t have to resurrect Him either. Oh, come on folks, let’s clap our hands and get the Lord moving here tonight. Hogwash? He’s no athletic team on the field who needs some emotional boast. Come on folks, let get the Lord moving in here tonight. Come on, let get the Lord move, get the Lord moving? He’ll move if you just
turn Him lose. Forgive me, but come and help me just a little bit. That’d be like me saying, Bro. Young, go in the office and get me something to drink and him trying to go. No, Bro. Young, go get me something to drink. That’s the way we do God, just like that. We don’t turn him lose to go do what we ask Him to do. Ya know why? Cause if we turn him lose to do what we’re asking him to do, the other half of the bargain is, we’ve got to yield to him to do what he says do when he says it. Now this is smooth to me. Some of you all are making this ruff.

This is sweet preaching tonight. Some of you look like this is major surgery. Come on now. Listen to this now. But saith it, what saith who? Who’s talking now? Listen to who’s talking. I want you to read who’s doing the speaking here. But what saith it? But what saith the righteous by faith? What’s it say? What is the righteousness by faith say? The word the raima is nigh thee. Even in the heart and in the mouth, or in the mouth and in the heart, that is the word of the raima of faith which we preach. The prayer of faith is speaking the raima of faith. The prayer of faith is not asking, the prayer of faith is speaking. It is not the prayer of faith to lay hands on someone and say, Oh Lord heal this person. That may be desire, but that’s not faith. Faith is when you speak to the sickness and command it to lose the body. You are praying the prayer of faith. You are letting the word, the raima of faith lose to work. What? I thought I was preaching to some Pentecostals? Is this stuff is foreign? I’m looking at some faces that look like they’ve never heard of this thing in my life. God help us. Help us. The word, this is what righteousness says to me, the word, the raima is nigh thee, it’s in your heart, that’s in your mouth, that’s in your heart. That is the raima of faith which we preach. It’s near to me. I don’t have to bring him down, I don’t have to bring him up, it’s here and it’s here. It first comes here because he’s living here, he is that joined in the Lord is one spirit. That’s where I go.

Ya know, there’s people that think their bodies got the Holy Ghost. I’ve run across some people that think their bodies got the Holy Ghost. My body doesn’t have the Holy Ghost, yours might, but you have no scripture to prove it. The only thing in me that’s got the Holy Ghost is-my spirit. Because the Bible says, he that is joined in the Lord has, is one spirit. My spirit becomes one with his spirit and that word one there, if you read the context, it’s talking about Harlots and not being one with a harlot, not being joined to a harlot, don’t be one with a harlot. He’s talking about the intimacy of joint of a man and woman. And he says, he that is joined in the Lord is one spirit. So its an intimacy, whereas the Lord’s spirit is joined to my spirit, like a husband is joined to a wife and they become one flesh.

Well, I don’t become one flesh with him, I become one spirit with him. I live with him, its an intimate thing. Its a very, very intimate personal relationship. I don’t have to bring him down, I don’t have to bring him up. He dwells right here, he’s nigh me, he’s real near to me, he’s in my hart, he’s in my mouth, and if I’ll let him talk to me, he’ll tell me what to do, and if I let him talk to me he’s power will be released to do incredible things. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise God! That, but what saith it? The word is nigh even unto my mouth and in thy heart that is the word of faith which we preach. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

Please note that this is not speaking to the sinner. The book of Romans is addressed to the saints in Rome. He is talking about how a saint lives saved and stays saved. And this is what, I’m gonna tell ya what. It is the plan of salvation for somebody that’s already been born again. It’s a daily way to be saved. I’ve got to confess with my mouth daily the Lord Jesus, and I’ve got to believe in my heart daily that he has been raised from the dead and I’ll be saved because that’s how life comes, he’s not dead, I don’t have to raise him up again, You know what it means when it says, you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus? It means I’m confessing that he dwells within me, I don’t have to bring him down, I am confessing the indwelling Christ.

Daily. I’m confessing the indwelling Christ. He lives within me. I don’t have, you ever pray where you don’t feel anything? Didn’t feel like your prayers were getting through. My prayers don’t have to get through, through to where? The only thing my prayers got to get through is my flesh. I gotta get them past my flesh into where he’s living in there somewhere. That’s right, he’s in me. I’ve been baptized in water into him, he’s been baptized in the spirit into me. I am in him, he is in me. I confess in my mouth the Lord Jesus, that he dwells in me and in my heart I believe he has been raised from the dead. That means I believe I am in him.

He is in me, I am in him. The word confess there means to speak in agreement together with. That’s what the word confess means, literally, in the Greek. To speak in agreement together with. So confess doesn’t mean I go around saying, it’s not name it and claim it. It is impossible to confess anything until it is first spoken to your heart. Because it means, to confess means, I must first hear into my heart then I must speak in agreement with what I’ve heard in my heart. So that when I am speaking I am releasing what has been spoken to my heart that I accepted by faith. I believe because I heard it, I heard the raima, I believe it, I mean I accepted it, I was convinced that it was God. I have tested it in the spirit and seen what it is in agreement with logos. I have accepted this is God speaking to me, but it will not work until I now speak it. I want to tell you what, there’s an incredible fear in our movement, because we are so afraid of missing it. We’re not afraid of the Lord being embarrassed, we’re afraid we are gonna be embarrassed. That’s what the problem is. I received the Holy Ghost when I was 12 years old but the Holy Ghost didn’t receive me until is was 22. I never shout or danced, my name is Wright, you see, my dad’s folks were raised on a farm northwest of Florida. No reason to be proud, could never figure out why somebody
would be so proud with no reason to be so proud, but they were. That was born in me. Stand up a little taller son, your name’s Wright. Then on top of that, I went to the naval academy where they put on me starched uniforms with high collars where if you didn’t hold your head up straight, you’d cut your head off. Those big starched white collars right up underneath your throat, see, and you’re afraid your jugular vein was going to get cut any minute if you didn’t keep your head up straight. It was the only way it was comfortable to do it and that’s the reason they had those kind of uniforms because they wanted you to hold your head up. That’s right. I graduated from the academy and went down to flight training in Pensacola, Florida, and decided to go to the little home missions church out near the base. There wouldn’t anything about that little church to be proud about. I had never shouted in my life, I have never danced, I had never done thing, in fact the most I’d ever, I spoke in tongues about an average of twice a year. That only when it was a major crisis, major crisis, absolute major crisis, I could finally pray long enough to break through into
tongues and I’d let God do something then. But that was the only time. Shout, dance, forget it man, I had a hard enough time just not being embarrassed with clapping my hands. Forget this stuff of jumping around, that was foolishness. That’s for people who needed that sort of thing, that’s not my personality. I am reserved. I was preached the right reserve. My dad is reserved, all of his brothers and sisters are reserved, and so I was reserved. You know what it means to be reserved, it means you are keeping something back. So, I started going to this little church and I told this preacher I was called to preach. He immediately put me up to leading services. Me, leading that bunch of wild folks! I mean, we’d go to church, friend, and the first note they were gone, they were gone before, a lot of time. They’d come in there and pray, they’d tear that place up praying, and I mean they’d go to town. The music would just kinda catch up to them after a while and we’d go like that. People would get the Holy Ghost all over the place, all kind of things happening and man, I always thought all that stuff was just ridiculous. But I got to watching those folks and I realized they had something I didn’t have, and boy, the more and more I led those services the more salt got in my taste buds and I got thirsty for it.

I’ll never forget one night, I was back in a Sunday School room praying, trying to find three songs and figure out how to do testimony service that night because I’m leading service, gotta get my program all organized here. I’m praying, I made the mistake of standing up and while I was standing there praying this tiny little voice, not demanding, not threatening, inviting said to me, jump. I never heard anything quite like that before, you see. After I got down there, I was praying more than I had ever prayed and the preacher taught you were supposed to speak in tongues every day and I had never heard that in all my life, speak in tongues every day. I mean that’s bad for him because it took me three or four hours to break through into tongues twice a year. He said I don’t ever leave my house before I speak in tongues. I said I’m in trouble now, I’ll have to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning before I can break through, before I can leave the house. I’m in trouble. I made up my mind I was going to find out how to do that cause I couldn’t afford to get up at that time everyday. So I spend about a month or so going to church, I was single then and I had a little time to waste, use, invest was what it really ended up being, thank God. So I’d go to church and, just me, and I’d walk back and forth that alter area. It was about 30 feet wide, so it was only about four or five steps and I’d turn around and go back the other way and after a while, I got to where I had some liberty in tongues and boy, things were happening. So, it was after all that, I mean I got to
feeling like I was almost saved, you know, I was back in the back Sunday School room all by myself. There was nobody in there and this little voice said, jump. I don’t know what happened next. I don’t remember responding audibly, I don’t remember thinking about it. All I remember is the starched collar in the works, in right and all that heritage went up in the air! It didn’t come down. And when it came down, I felt like I had my shoes off and I was jumping in a puddle of water with a shorted-out electric cord running through it. Whew! YOU talk about fantastic! I was mad and glad, I was glad I was what I was feeling, and I was mad I had been cheated out of it. I didn’t know you could feel that! I didn’t know that was real. I just kept on jumping, and nobody knew, nobody knew. I was just jumping up and down, and all I’d heard was one little word, and I only heard it once and that was it, and it said, jump. Whew, that was fantastic, I thought. This is too easy to be true. So I went out to lead service that night and I had a secret nobody else knew. So I was there leading service, things got to moving a little bit and this little voice said, shout, and the next thing you know I was all over the place. All I could tell was somewhere way back in the deep recesses of my mind, I remember things got real quiet in the building because they were blown away, and then it exploded and they forgot about me because the place went up in smoke because they had just seen a miracle equivalent to the parting  of the Red Sea! That’s right, absolutely right!

A couple months later, now, that stuff, it was okay, and that was really alright, but I told God I’d never run. I’m not running, no sense in running, I don’t see any need in running. I don’t see that in the Bible, I’m not running. We’d finished the new sanctuary and I was up leading service again. God always does it to me right in front of everybody! That’s why you wonder about this liberty. That’s where he beat it into my brains. That’s why I don’t hold back when I get up here cause he hasn’t held back on me. So I was up there and this little voice, again it didn’t demand, it didn’t threaten, it was just so sweet and gentle, and inviting, it said, run. I remember that time, I was, there was a little hesitancy. I remember thinking, who, me! But when I, the next thing I knew when I came to myself, I was halfway down the aisle and, buddy, somebody had flooded those aisles with water and let an extension cord run though them that had a short-out electric pad. It gotta hold of me, I couldn’t stop when I got to the backdoor. I ran out the backdoor, ran around the cars in the parking lot, came back in ran up the other aisle, jumped over the alter, ran across the platform, back down, back outside, back around again! And that was my introduction to the voice of God, to the voice of spirit. I was my Holy Ghost loosed in me. I had kept it prisoner, I was not sure it was even real. Do you know what a worship service is all about in practicality? It’s an opportunity for you to come and practice yielding to God. But you know what we practice doing? We practice resisting. We practice quenching. We’re afraid of what somebody is gonna think. Don’t you understand, this is a laboratory for being used out there! Ummmmm, whew! This is where we learn it!

If you’re not willing in the comfortable surroundings of an apostolic service to run if the spirit said run, or shout or throw your hands up or yell praise the Lord when you’re feeling compelled by the spirit, if you’re not doing that than when you stand in a store and the spirit says, witness to that person, you’re not going to yield to that either. Or you walk into somebody’s house and they’re sick and the spirit says, pray for that person, I’m gonna heal them, you won’t yield to that either. And then we wonder why no more people are being saved. And we wonder why more people aren’t being healed. It’s not because God’s not trying! It’s not because God’s not trying! He’s trying, he’s trying, he’s trying, but we’re quenching it. We’re grieving the spirit because we’re quenching the spirit. You know what it means to quench the spirit. It means to say NO to the voice talking inside of you! And the Bible says, quench not the spirit. And then it goes a step farther and says, grieve not the spirit. YOU can quench it so long that you’ll grieve it, and then you won’t have to worry about quenching it because it’s gonna move out and find another residence.

Well, our church is appealing to the upper class, and so we want to kinda hold our services down. I’m gonna tell you what’d a lot of you do, do a lot of you good. Take that song book that you’re imprisoned by and throw it away. Some of you are so worried about reading the words right of songs you have sung until you gotta memorize 13 times over that you gotta hold that song book and you don’t even need the stinking song book! I’m not preaching against song books but I’m preaching against imprisoning the spirit and, ooo, da da, doo, uh uh. Hey, is this Apostolic or what! Where’s the Holy Ghost at? Where’s the Holy Ghost at? Thank You! Hallelujah! Isn’t that amazing, two or three shouts and everybody else sits around and smiles! Yeah, yeah. Two or three of you, and everybody else sits around. That’s sick! That’s the reason that the ones that want to yield don’t yield, because they’re sick and tired of that condescending smile you got! Whew! That little know-it-all condescending smile, well isn’t that kinda juvenile. You better believe its juvenile, except you become as little children you’re not gonna enter the kingdom. Juvenile! Juvenile! Are you happy! Is there any joy in the Lord in you? Whew! Hallelujah! Sit down a minute, we haven’t gone far enough yet. You’re getting there! I don’t mean the emotion. You see, that’s our problem.
We don’t understand the principle behind an apostolic church service. It is not feeling. We have not come in here to respond to a feeling. We have not come in here to worship depending how we feel when we came in here. That’s the purpose of the voice of God! If you’re responding to feeling, it’s emotionalism, but if you are responding to the voice of the spirit regardless of how you feel, that is Holy Ghost! That’s apostolic! That’s God!

The world says we’re into emotionalism, and they’re right! If you can’t work up some emotion, you can’t get anybody moving! But its not emotion that I respond to, I respond to the voice of the spirit, by faith. I respond to the voice of the spirit, by faith, and by feeling, by faith. That’s why people, that’s why there’s more miracles scattered around these aisles, these alters, in this church, in your church and other churches. Because we worship with God, we have a need in the spirit that speaks and says, you’re healed. Nobody laid hands on you, it’s the spirit speaks it to you, you’re healed, you’re delivered, here’s your answer! But because we are so used to feeling and because the symptoms may continue after the word comes, we don’t believe it, we don’t receive it, we don’t accept it! Because we are so used to responding to emotion, to feeling, instead of the word of God! God gives us what we need and we leave in the church because we don’t recognize it as God, because we don’t feel it! Hallelujah. In the last ten minutes since I’ve been preaching, somebody came in here sick and God’s already spoken to you, you’re healed. You don’t feel any different but deep down inside a gentle little voice said, you’re healed, and you’re checking your paid right now. You’ve been checking your symptoms and because they’re kinda still there, you’re not sure
that was God or not! Let me tell you something, friend, it was God! If you’ll confess it and believe it, you’ll know it was God! Whew! That was one page of notes, is all, and I can tell you right now, I’m not gonna get through the other. As many as are let by the spirit, they are the, how do you think we are led? Feelings? We’re led by the spirit, not by feelings! We’re led by the spirit by raima. The voice of God speaking inside. Oh, preacher, aren’t you afraid of getting off the deep end? Yeah, I want to get off there in the deep end for a change. Launch you out in the deep where there a drawing of fish. peter said, nevertheless at thy raima I’m going let down my nets. At raima, he let down his nets and caught a draw of fish. Don’t you think it’s time we got deeper than we are! If you mean, do I think we are gonna into fanaticism? Not as long as we try that voice and make sure what it’s telling us is in accord with logos, as long as its in agreement with logos you have nothing to fear. As long as it is in agreement with the word of God, you don’t have anything to fear! uh, uh, Bro. Wright, what if it’s not God. Let me tell you something. I would rather get up and take off in a sprint, and after 10 or 12 steps find out that wasn’t God and turn around and just walk back calmly and sit down, than to sit there and it was God and never get up. I’d rather get up and dance me a few steps and say, well that wasn’t God. Do you understand that its the sensitivity that has got to be developed. Its got exactly, we’ve gotta have our senses exercised to
discern good and evil, to recognize the voice of God, recognize what’s not the voice of God. You’re only gonna do that by exercising it and you gotta have enough pride dead in you that you’re willing to say, well I missed that one, but I’ll remember that, that wasn’t God, next time I hear that, that wasn’t God. Next time it comes to me like that, I’ll know, that wasn’t God. Don’t you understand what he’s doing. This is the boot camp. This is the training ground. We’re coming to class every time we come to church service. We’re in training to recognize the voice of God. That’s why we pray, we’re in training to recognize the voice of God not so we can get anything from God. God wants to do more than we will ever have time to ask! The idea is to get in tune with the spirit so he can tell us what to do and tell us what to speak!

I’ve received the spirit of adoption, you see, and that spirit bears witness with my spirit, speaks with me, with my spirit, and it cries out, Aba, Father. A little pet peeve here, may be off the subject, that’s fine, but I so regret that my heritage has taught me to feel uncomfortable with the title, Father. 99% of Pentecostals or apostolics, especially apostolics have difficult time with the term, Father, because its too demonical. Well, if its demonical, Jesus was demonical, because that was his number one term for referring to the deity that dwelled within him and that he dwelled in. He referred to him as God but when he addressed him, it was, Father. You know what our problem is, because we don’t see him as our father, that’s right. But the spirit of adoption that I have received speaks with my spirit and out of my spirit there comes this utterance, Aba, Father! Father, O, I like that. That’s the superior title of God! I didn’t say the superior name, I said the superior title, because it communicates to me his greatest and most positive intentions. Behold what manner of love, the Father, the Father hath bestowed, the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God. Oh, what love, what love! If you can’t feel comfortable doing it any other way, then do it this way, Father Jesus, that’s an accurate title, that’s a title with
a name. It’s just as accurate as saying, Lord Jesus. It’s just as accurate as saying, Jesus Christ. It’s accurate! It’s Father Jesus, Father Jesus! He’s not our father, or some of us because of our
relationship to our natural father, we have a difficult time looking at him as father because we weren’t approved of by our natural father and we don’t believe that he approves of us. But, oh, friend, he’s my loving heavenly Father, he’s my merciful and heavenly Father. He’s in this place. There’s not a person in this building that’s sick right now that he wouldn’t touch if your heart would be open to araima right now. There’s not a person in this place that came in this place sad tonight, there’s not a person that came in this place with guilt that raima has not already spoken to of how much he’s willing to forgive if you’d accept forgiveness. It’s not that it’s hard to get forgiveness, it’s hard to accept forgiveness! That’s the problem. It’s not that it is hard to get, in Jesus Name, right now, somebody, you brought guilt in here, you say this is too easy, it wasn’t easy for him, it was hard for him so that it could be easy for us. He died the worse death that
has ever been died! He paid the greatest price that’s ever been paid! It was hard for him so that it could be easy for us! So therefore, Father, forgive me, Father, forgive me, forgive me.

You know, friend, oh, oh, the ability to breathe deeply from within your spirit because the load of guilt is taken away. The awareness that he is willing to talk to my spirit because the condemnation, he said, John said, if your heart condemns you, God’s greater than your heart, but if your heart condemns you not, you got confidence, confidence. I don’t have the time to do it, but let me just mention it. Romans 6, it talks about yielding yourself servants in obedience to righteousness. That’s the way we live a righteous life. That’s how the good works are performed. I’ve got righteousness in my by faith, righteousness speaks to my heart what to do and what not to do. If I obey that, I’m yielding myself a servant to righteousness. In that context, if you will study Romans 6, you’ll find the key to being obedient to God, you’ll find the key to faithfulness, you’ll find the key to consistency. He is listening the voice of righteousness speak within you what to do and not do, and then learning to do that! But Paul said, this flesh lusteth against the spirit, the spirit lusts against the flesh, He also said, there is a law. How do you get a law? Somebody speaks it! There is a law in my members waring against the law of my mind! The law of God is in my mind. The law of sin is in my members. How does that happen? Flesh. Sin says, do this. The word of
God, raima, says, don’t do that. Now I must make a choice, and it’s a simple choice. Will I listen to raima or will I listen to the voice of flesh which speaks the desire to sin. Now, that’s simple. I’m not saying its necessarily easy to do. But it gets easier to do the more that the voice of the flesh is brought under subjection. But that’s how righteousness works. The righteousness which is by faith that I receive by faith speaks to me. Amen. You see the word disobedience means in its most literal definition in the Greek, refusing to hear the voice, that’s what it means. Galatians 5:14 says, all of the law is fulfilled in one word, one raima. What is it? Its love your neighbor as yourself, that’s raima. When it comes raima to me, it’s says love your neighbor as yourself. All the law is fulfilled in that. Everything I’m supposed to be doing and not going is fulfilled in that. Raima speaks that to me. If I ask in love, in agape love toward as the spirit speaks to me, I’m gonna fulfill the law. And then in Ephesians 5:26 says, that we are cleansed by the washing of the water by the word. Now, I’m not speaking about those who are loss. I’m talking about us on a daily basis. We are cleansed by the washing of the water by the raima. That’s what the word is, look it up. Get your accordance out, check it. Washing of water by raima. Raima cleanses me. What is that raima? That is the raima that let’s me know I am forgiven. Praise God!

Just a couple more verses, I’m almost through. Romans, uh, excuse me, I’m gonna skip all that. John 14, verse 10. It talks about releasing the power. John 14, verse 10. Jesus said, believeth thou not that I am in the Father and the Father in me. The raima that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself but the Father that dwelleth me he doeth the works. In this verse, he equated raima with works. He equated the raima that he was hearing from his Father to the words he was speaking, the raima he was speaking and he implied that the spoken raima has produced works that if they’re not gonna believe that he said, at least believe what the works that have been produced by the spoken raima. That’s why Jesus said these are the keys to the kingdom. Acts 2:38 is not the key to the kingdom. The Lord is capable of saying what he means and meaning what he says. Acts 2:38 are not the keys to the keys to the kingdom. That’s not what that’s talking about. I’m
born into the kingdom, the potential for having the kingdom in my new birth but the keys to the kingdom of opening the gates of hell and obtaining that which hell has been holding back within the those gates and walls, those keys to possessing the things God wants us to have are binding and loosing. Whatever you bind, whatever you speak binding on earth shall be bound in heaven, whatever you speak loosing on earth will be loosed in heaven. That’s right. That’s raima. And the Greek is really tremendous in its exact literal translation there. Whatever you bind on earth has already been bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth has already been loosed in heaven. In other words, its not heaven that follows, its heaven that leads. God binds in heaven, finds
somebody on earth who will listen to the raima and some that will speak the raima to bind that on earth which he has already intended to bind in heaven. In heaven, where the will God is. That’s that it means, to pray, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He’s got things in heaven he wants to do, but he’s gotta find somebody on earth that will cooperate with it. He’s gotta find somebody on earth that will hear what he’s got to say and speak what he says, so that he’s power is loose to do it! Right! The kingdom comes by binding and loosing.

That’s the manifestation of God’s supreme authority in any situation is exercise by the keys to the kingdom which unlocks the doors and allows his kingdom to come and be manifested. Come meaning manifested, to appear, to establish rule and rein in a situation. So when I bound something on earth it’s because he has established he wants to have rule over it in heaven and I cooperate with him to take rule over here on the earth. If something is bound that I want loose like a church service, I know it’s the will of God for it to be loose. Then I have the right to speak in Jesus Name, I loose this church service and every spirit that is binding this service I bind it in the name of Jesus, and every lie and deceiving spirit that’s blocking minds and blinded them to the truth of the word of God and every spirit of pride that wars against a person receiving the word in their heart and obeying, I bind it in the Name of Jesus, and every lying spirit of doubt that would speak words of doubt when raima has been spoken and words of faith to me that is hindering me from believing and receiving and allowing the word of God to work, I bind that in the name of Jesus! Um. Praise God! John 15:17 says, if ye abide in me and my raima abides in you will ask what you will and it shall be done. You know why. Because what I will is what has been spoken to me. That’s what is abiding in me. I will it because he willed it first. If ye abide in me and my raima abides in you, then you can speak raima and whatever it is you have spoken will be done because I spoke it to you first and you and I are a team. You are speaking it together with me, you’re confessing it. We are speaking it together. That’s why the scripture calls us laborers together with him.

Ever hear that word, laborers together? That’s how we are laborers together. Because he speaks to my heart, I believe what he says and then I speak with him what he said. I speak it out, I release the word by speaking it to do it. After I release it, the rest of it is his business. I don’t have to do anything else. I just let the word do its work. You think when he said, let there be light, he said, now over this way a little bit, now down a little bit – No! When he released the word it went out there and did what he sent it to do. He said, I have sent my word forth and it is going to accomplish what I have sent it to do. It’s not going to return to me void. It’s not going to return to me empty, useless, worthless. Whatever I spoke it and sent it to do, that’s exactly what it is gonna do. So do you understand why my power is not activated? Because the power is inside generating raima. Jesus is living in me talking to me, generating raima, his will, revealing his will, what he wants to do in this service, what he wants to do in my life, what he wants to do in my home, what he wants to do through me. He’s speaking raima, generating raima, but I won’t believe its raima and I won’t speak it and I won’t confess it and I won’t stand on it. I won’t release it to accomplish its work. Praise God.

I close with this. Deut. 30. I’m not going to have time to preach this. I invite you to read it. You talk about awesome. You will find verses 11 through 14 are almost word-for-word quoted in Hebrews 10 as saying the words, that the righteousness which is by faith says to us don’t say. So, Deut. 30 contains the promises to those who will listen to the voice of God. Verse 1, and it shall come to pass when all these things have come upon thee the blessing and the curse which I have set before thee and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations whether the Lord thy God have driven thee and shalt return unto the Lord thy God and shall obey his voice accordingly to all that I command thee this day, thou and thy children with all thy heard, with all thy soul, that then the Lord thy God will turn thy captivity and have compassion upon the and will return and gather thee from all the nations where the Lord thy God has scattered thee. Now, this is
speaking to Israel, but Romans says it is speaking to me too as part of the church. That it can be applied to the church and is applied to the church because Romans applied it to the church. If you take this down and spiritualize this, into spiritual promises instead of natural promises, it will blow your mind, the revival that is promised in Deut. 30 to those who will listen to the raima of God. Turn our captivity, let me tell you something, Bro. Mooney, if every backslider in Indianapolis that’s been scattered and is in captivity tonight, in sin, in this city were to be turned again to this church, you’d have to start split services immediately. And it’s promised that when you turn to God and start listening to his voice again, he’s going to bring the captives home. If any of thine be driven out unto the uttermost parts of heaven from thence will the Lord thy God gather thee and from thence will he fetch thee and the Lord thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possess and thou shalt possess it and he will go thee good and multiply thee above thy fathers.

You hear preachers say, will you give me five minutes to preach just a little bit. This is awesome stuff, I can’t hardly skim over it’ it is so powerful. Who are our fathers? Our fathers are the apostles. He’s gonna bring us into the land that thy fathers once possessed. What’s that? Apostolic revival! And he is going to exhault us above our fathers. He will go thee good and multiply thee above they fathers. And the Lord thy God will circumcise thine heart and the heart of thy seed to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, that thou mayst live. In other words, all that stuff that’s hanging on in excess that’s dragging me down, when I accept righteousness by faith and it starts talking to me, it’s gonna circumcise my heart and all those things I been struggling with that keeps me under condemnation he is gonna cut that off, and I’m gonna live! Ah, this struggle for consistency is gonna be over with, it’s gonna have to be over with, I’m gonna have to much to do to have to worry about being consistent. And the voice of righteousness speaking in my heart does that. And the Lord thy God will put all these courses upon thine enemy
and on them that hate thee which persecuted thee. That’s self- explanatory, and thou shalt return and obey the voice of the Lord and do all his commandments which I command thee this day, and the Lord thy God will make they plenteous in every work of thine hand, in the fruit of thy body, in the fruit of they cattle, in the fruit of thy land, for good, for the Lord will again rejoice over thee for good. I talked about last night the Lord’s joy, as he rejoiced over thy fathers. Heaven’s gonna shout again over the church. Heaven is gonna return to rejoicing over the church when the church returns to obeying the voice of God. When the church returns to obey the voice of God, Heaven’s gonna be able to rejoice over the church again. Of thou shalt harken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and the statutes that are written in this book of the law and if thou turn unto the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, this is all the things he’s gonna do. And he said, for this commandment which I command thee this day it is not hidden from thee neither is it far off, it is not in heaven that thou shouldth say, who shall go up
for us to heaven and bring it unto us that we may hear it and do it. Neither is it beyond the sea that shouldth say, who shall go over the sea for us and bring it for us unto us that we may hear it and do it. But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou mayst do it. Its in here, in here, so I can do it! If there is anything Pentecost, if there is any major law in Pentecost, it is the consistent, inconsistency in being sensitive to the voice of God, obeying it and speaking it. And as complicated as we think revival is, its nothing more complicated than returning back to intimate relationship and simply obeying the voice of God. Regardless of how foolish it may make you seem. Now, if you want revival you can take this and go home and have revival. You don’t need a program, you don’t need to copy somebody else’s method. All you got to do is to home and go to bed.

Now, I go back to Romans 10 for the final verse showing you the results of Deut. 30 in the New Testament. Romans 10:17, again righteousness is speaking. So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God, but I say have they not heard. Yes, verily, their sound, you know what that word, their sound, is. It is the Greek word, p-h-o-n-e, it is the same one used of speaking in tongues on the Day of Pentecost. It is the voice of the spirit. Their sound went into all the earth and their raima unto the ends of the world. Whose raima? God’s raima? No, their raima! But my raima is not my raima until God speaks it to me. That while I accept it’ it becomes our raima together, God’s voice speaking, my heart accepting, my mouth speaking in cooperation with God and it say, when you start having faith by hearing the word of God, the raima of God, your word, your raims, will go unto the ends of the earth.

My intention in coming here was not to make heaven unattainable, not to make revival impossible, not to make spirituality a mystery. My intention in coming here was to make heaven easily accessible, to make revival simple and to make the means of getting revival plain and easily understood. Whether I’ve accomplished that or not, only you and God know that, but I came here to take the mystery out of revival. It is not an impossible goal, it is God’s heartbeat. It is not an impossible goal. The only hindrance to revival in Annapolis, Maryland is Chester Wright, and that revival only progresses or retards in its progress depending upon my consistency in hearing the word of God and cooperating with it. It is as simple as that. Chester Wright does not have the answers. Bro. Mooney doesn’t have the answers, Bro. Young doesn’t have the answers, no preacher on this platform has the answers, but the God who lives in me has the answer to every question
I’ve got. He’s got a method whether anybody’s every used it or not that he will show me how to do and he will teach me to use it. He will teach me how to use my sword of the spirit which is the raima of Bod. He will teach me how to use my shield of faith. He will teach me how to use my breastplate of righteousness, etc., etc., etc. He’s my teacher. I don’t have to copy anybody, I don’t have to follow anybody else’s little set pattern. All I’ve got to do is, what are you saying to me today, Jesus, help me to hear it and give me the grace to obey it. In Jesus name.

Would you stand. If you needed healing, you’ve had your opportunity. God was healing a while ago. I don’t mean that factitiously, nor do I mean it hatefully. There were people in this building healed a while ago. Even if your symptoms are exactly the same, God said to you, you were healed, and if you will believe that little voice that spoke to you and confess it contrary to whether the leaves on the tree are dead yet or not, Peter. Peter didn’t believe it was dead until the next day. It was dead at the roots when he spoke it, no more fruit on you forever. That’s what we don’t understand, when God deals with a situation, he doesn’t deal with the leaves, he deals with the root, and when he takes care of the root with his word, it may take a few days or a few weeks but the leaves will finally die also. The leaves are nothing more that symptoms, symptoms respond to breezes, the wind of doctrine, the wind of Satan is the blowhard devil running his mouth. Leaves, symptoms, respond to the devil, but when God’s taking care of the root, you may not be able to see it but its a done deal, excuse the grammar.

If you will retain the word in your heart and in your mouth, it’s done. There are preachers in this place tonight that God has promised you revival since we have been sitting here, since we have been sitting here tonight, the word of God has come to come hearts with great assurance and has promised you that he was going to give you revival. Don’t leave here looking at leaves, don’t leave here feeling breezes, let the word do its work, trust the word, confess it, tell your church God said we are going to have revival, doesn’t matter what it looks like. God’s gonna have revival. I don’t pray to have revival. Hello. I don’t pray to have revival, I don’t pray to have revival. I pray to be prepared to cooperate with the revival God’s giving. I don’t fast in order to obtain revival. I fast to only prepare my vessel to be used in the revival that God is giving. The revival comes by faith, the revival comes by word, it doesn’t come by prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting prepares us to be able to participate in what God is doing. Revival comes by raima, it comes by faith. Hallelujah! There’s men sitting in here tonight, there’s some families sitting in here in financial need. God spoke to you simple words, everything is gonna be alright. He didn’t tell you what, he didn’t tell you how. Don’t let your questions steal your raima, believe it. Believe it! It doesn’t matter how he does it as long as he does it! Why do you demand of him the method when he has given you the promise. He didn’t promise you the answers, he only answered, he only promised you the promises. Won’t you believe him, won’t you believe the promises, won’t you believe your promises, won’t you become a channel for the flow of the voice of God to your situation, to our neighbors, to your co-workers. Had a preacher call me the other day. He and I had talked about these things and he had gone home and preached them to his church. He talked to them about how witnessing is done, by obeying the voice of the spirit. He said a man in my church who has never won anybody on the way home from church on Sunday night at 10:00 he was riding down the street past a mobile home park and the spirit said, stop and go to that house right there.