By: Michael Jewett

1. Beforehand, set a special service aside focusing entirely on Home Bible Study.
A. Make a theme that you would want to go by.
B. Set a goal for the number of Bible Studies you want to obtain.
C. Have a banner made up with your theme on it. Also have a thermometer to keep track of your results. Place both in a highly visible area.

2. Service order
A. Song Service
B. Prayer – Offering
C. Teach the one hour H.B.S. – make a copy of the study so each person in the congregation can do their own study. Go through the Bible Study as though you were teaching it to a sinner.
D. Two Testimonies
1. A H.B.S. teacher
2. Someone won through H.B.S.
E. Briefly describe the different types of H.B.S. focusing in on the 1 hr. study.
1. It’s convenience.
2. It’s scriptural power.
F. Challenge
G. Dismissal
1. Have a table and person ready to sign people up who want to teach. Give each person 2 one hour H.B.S. and the teacher form.
2. Have the usher give each person a H.B.S. Flyer and a paper on how to get a H.B.S.

3. After the people teach their study, have them fill out their teachers form. Have your H.B.S. Co-ordinator sign it and give them another (one) free study.

(The above material was published by South Flint Tabernacle, Flint, MI, Michael Jewett, H.B.S. Coordinator.)

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