By: Michel Jewett
South Flint Tabernacle
Flint, MI

We hope that by you answering this survey as sincerely as possible, we can pinpoint some of our problems and learn to give quality improvement to our approach.

Please don’t answer these questions the way you feel the coordinator would like them answered, but sift your memory for the normal way you’ve responded to these situations in the past and let us read it. Then without signing this, put it in the Home Bible Study slot in the box on the wall across from the bookcase at church. Please turn it in by Mar. 5, 1992.

Thank you.

1. If you’ve gotten a Bible study on your own, please write down the words you use on a prospective student to tell him what it is and why he should take it.

2. Upon receiving the assignment from the Home Bible Study coordinator, do you generally contact the person in:

A. 3 days or less?
B. 3 days to one week?
C. One week to 10 days?
D. Two weeks or more?

3. Do you generally call or visit? _____________________________

4. Upon contact, how does the prospective student react?

A. Surprised at what a Bible study really is?
B. Surprised that it is taught in their own home by a teacher?
C. Not surprised but stand-of-ish? “I’m pretty busy”, etc.
D. Cautious but polite, friendly…?
E. Interested, hungry…?
F. Not real interested, ho-hum…?
G. Other (Explain)

5. What do you say when you contact them about Home Bible Study?

6. Working from the assignments the coordinator gives out, what percentage of the people contacted for a Bible Study actually take one? ______________

7. About how many Home Bible Studies have you taught? _______ How many have you assisted in? ______ How many have you completed? _______

8. On Home Bible Studies you’ve gotten on your own, were they:

A. Friends
B. Family
C. Other (Explain)

9. How do you schedule each successive Bible Study?

A: Weekly, same day and time.
B. They call you when they’re ready for a session.
C. You call them to line up each session.
D. Other (explain)

10. Do students often want to argue during a session? ______________

11. Explain the greatest experience you have ever had during a Home Bible Study.

12. Explain the most frightening experience you’ve had during a Bible Study.

13. Does contacting a total stranger about a Bible Study really make you nervous? _________ Why?

14. Have you ever dreaded a contact so much that you let it sit for days?___________

15. If the answer to #14 was yes, please explain what caused you to dread it.

16. If you’ve started a Bible Study but the student never completed it, at what lesson does it usually fizzle out?

A. Before the 3rd lesson?
B. Around lesson 7?
C. No particular number.

17. In your opinion, what causes a student to cancel?

18. Which studies have you taught?

A. Search for Truth.
B. Rightly Dividing the Word.
C. Exploring God’s Word.
D. Two Hour Home Bible Study.
E. Into His Marvellous Light
F. Other

19. What suggestions would you make to improve the Home Bible Study program at South Flint Tabernacle?

20. Please finish the following statement with the best word in your opinion…

“Besides the Word, most people need ______________________________

(The above material was published by South Flint Tabernacle, Flint, MI.)

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