How to Help Your Missionaries

By John Arrowood

* Pray for specific needs.
* Pray regularly.

-You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.” — John Bunyan

• Let your missionaries know that you are upholding them in prayer.
• Let your missionaries know what is happening in your church during the year.
• Let your missionaries know your interest in them by asking questions about their ministry.
• Let your missionaries know your concern for them by sending pastoral staff to visit them.

Financial Support
• Ask the mission board for a support evaluation of your missionaries once a year.
• Remember new circumstances that can affect their support need.
o Currency exchange fluctuation
o Inflation
o New baby in the family
o Medical insurance premium increase
o Supporting church or individual who drops support
• Consider adding a budget item for a cost of living increase for your missionaries every year or two.
• Consider adding a budget item to help your furloughing missionaries regain full support.

Special Needs
• Some missionaries on deputation/furlough are on the road full-time and greatly appreciate lodging in between meetings.
• Medical and dental check-ups on furlough can bring unexpected expense.
• Consider helping your missionaries by directing them to missions-minded doctors.
• Furlough can be challenging time for the schooling of children. Consider helping your missionaries make furlough a stable time for the family by assisting with educational needs.

From: March 2011.
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