Telling It Like It Is

Elder Morton 40th Anniversary

By Vaughn Morton

Just what is Love? Love has many definitions.

Webster says: Love is a strong liking, fondness, tender affection for one of the opposite sex. It is a feeling of strong, personal attachment.

The world says: Love is the gratification of sensuous desire or sensual pleasure.

The average youth says: Love is passionate kisses, promiscious fondling; even stolen affection of the unholy side. This is not the will of God!

The Bible says: God is Love. In a wonderful delightful way we know love…because we know Him…Do not leave God out of your definition. It will not be love…lt will be only plain, physical lust.

Love has been so improperly portrayed! Lurid love magazines and fantasy love stories; Sensational movies and T.V. programs…Worldly music and singing. All have falsely educated the mind and heart. To accept lust for love…

This really isn’t love at all. Just cheap substitutions of what God intended love to be.
Real love is always centered in God. It is based on the Bible. It is
always clean…pure, thoughtful…
longsuffering…and faithful…You just can’t define love without these qualities…No need to try!

(about Love)

*Love is normal…it really is. Don’t run from it: Don’t hide/ Don’t be afraid! Love is quite normal. It is right to love a particular someone. It is right to marry, it is right to have a family. It is right to be happy!

But Stop! While we affirm that love is normal…Let us add a warning note. There is danger in the abuse of love …Love can get out of hand…It can jump the track…then there is trouble. Keep love where it belongs…within proper bounds. Follow God’s rules! They are for you!

*Love has a pure mind…it really does. A pure mind thinks right…A pure mind thinks positively…lmpure thoughts defile. Stand guard over your thought life…Fill it with good things. Fill it with God’s Word! Talk much about the Lord…And remember… idleness…is not conductive to good thinking!

*Love is patient…Will you accept that? Worthwhile things often require waiting…And true bye is worthwhile …I t is well worth the wait…So…Don’t be in a hurry about love. Don’t be worried about being an old maid… You haven’t failed if you haven’t headed for the altar at 17. Just take your time…Let patience have her perfect work in your life…You will be so glad you did!

“Love is morally clean…don’t ever doubt it! Keeping a “clean house” is your responsibility. Keep yourself morally right…You will find an inner strength and beauty…You will not be under condemnation…You can hold your head up high…You can look… the world…your parents…your friends …your pastor…your church…and… yourself…in the eye!

Love that is morally clean brings you to marriage, a virgin. (Virgins are not out of date!) Love that is clean keeps the fellow pure too.

In spite of the new morality theory …Real Christians turn “thumbs-down” on sex before marriage…Glorify God in your bodies: Don’t ever allow your bodies to become instruments of sin!

“Some girls have lost their virginity before becoming a Christian…I John 1:9 has the answer — If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness…And then, “Forgive yourself!” Now you are clean and pure…Keep it that way!

“Love is honorable…It treads so carefully. Love always shows a sense of what is right and proper. It is never cheap! It is never “loose” It is never vulgar…It holds “lofty standards”.

It respects the giver. It respects the recipient. It is very careful to hold to right…And it is not right for you to pet before marriage…Petting is a prime tool of Satan in courtship. True love will never bow its head to the cry: “Everybody does it!”

Petting is called by many names… smooching…necking…making out… etc…Petting means different things in some vocabularies…So let’s be plain…Let’s tell it like it is…to Pentecostal Youth!

Petting is being familiar with another’s body in any close physical contact that stimulates sexual desire …Petting includes kissing…caressing hugging… fondling…

Expressions of love are right…but only when a couple is eternally pledged…by marriage vows…Indulging in such expressions without God’s approval is wrong!

True love never treads more carefully…any place…than here… It guards the five senses God has placed in the human body…It is careful what its eyes look upon…It is careful what its ears listen to…It is careful not to allow its touch to become common …or unclean…

“Hands-off” is really the best policy! It is a safe and right way. It is a proven way…lt is old-fashioned …but it shows good, common sense!

The above article, “Telling It Like It Is,” is written by Vaugh Morton. The article was excerpted from the February 1976 issue of Gospel Tidings.

The material is copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.