How to Start a Campus Ministry

How to Start a Campus Ministry
By General Youth Division UPCI

Getting Started In the Campus Ministry: Consider These Scenarios

Prompted by an ad he noticed in the campus newspaper, an engineering student on his way to the library decides, instead, to check out meeting cling of a Christian group that meets on Monday evenings in the student of union. After enjoying the worship and being touched by the accompanying presence of the Lord in that meeting friendships and a personal Bible study study are established, and in a fey.- months that student is baptized, filled with the Holy Ghost and is an exuberant participant in worship at a local Apostolic church.

Another student become abase friends with a roommate wire has an Apostolic background, but has never really given his life to God. As the student with the Apostolic background becomes involved in local campus ministry efforts. He totally devotes his life to the Lord and is baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. Watching this happen, his roommate becomes interested, gets taught a personal Bible study and is himself if baptized and Spirit filled.

Imagination or Fact?

The above scenarios actually took place at a college campus in the recent past, and are just two of many examples of what can happen at any college campus near you.

Campus Population

Currently, approximately ten percent of the U.S. Population are students enrolled in our public and private colleges and universities. Ranging from local two year technical colleges to major research universities, they represent a concentrated group of individuals who are eager to learn, willing ‘to listen, and generally trying I o establish the best way to live the rest of their lives. Students are in a unique time of their lives where making major decisions is routine. To most of us, changing jobs or careers and doing something completely different is a fairly difficult process.

Students, on the other had, may change their major field of study, and therefore the shape of their futures, several times in only two or three years. As a result, they have a built in flexibility to make significant changes in their spiritual values as well (one need only consider the success fringe religions such as the Moonies are presently having on campus to appreciate this). As such, the campus population represents one of the most exciting opportunities to share the gospel that we have today!

Campus Ministry International

Given this opportunity, the General Youth Division has recently established Campus Ministry International. The overall goal of CMI is to facilitate the efforts of our local churches to effectively reach their local campus population with the gospel.
International Students

Not only does effective campus ministry have the potential to affect our society, but it also can affect societies literally world-wide. It has been noted that international students will often eventually convert to the church of the first friend they make in our country. Desire to reach the world with the gospel? There may be no better way to begin than by befriending an international student and sharing the good news.

Special Requirements?

Having multiple degrees, exotic training, or a type of unusual intellect is not a requirement for effective outreach. Everybody on campus specializes in their particular field of study, and is not likely to know much about other areas. We represent the on campus specialists in our field of expertise Jesus Christ!

Where to Start

Pray & Fast
Obtain Pastoral Approval Get Organized

Methods & Techniques

A variety of methods have proved successful around the country, showing that no one method is best for campus outreach. These methods can be broken down into the following three general areas:
* Personal Bible Studies
* Fellowships
* Crusades

Specific examples include the following:

* Advertise Personal Bible Studies
* Concerts/ High Profile Events * One-on-one/ Campus Survey
* On-Campus Groups
* Banquets for International Students
* Student- Oriented Sunday
* School Class
* Student Services (counseling, etc.)
* Taking Classes

Need further Information?

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Campus Ministry International is an outreach of the General Youth division of the United Pentecostal Church International.
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