Move-In’s Letter


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith
335 Hyatt Street
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith,

Experts say one of the 10 most stressful things anyone can do is move. Settling in and adjusting to new surroundings will certainly take their toll on emotions. If you are altogether new to the area, you will have to adjust to new stores, banks, schools, and possibly a new church. One thing that would help is knowing something about the church before you attend one of its services.

As a Pastor of the Parkway Apostolic Church, I want to extend a special invitation to you to visit us, and I also want to take a moment to tell you a few things about our church.

Parkway is a large church with over 1400 members. We have experienced remarkable growth because we have a genuine concern for people. This is demonstrated by our ministries which are designed to help meet people’s needs. A few of those ministries are:

K-12 Christian School
Christian Book Store
Sign language for the hearing impaired
Sunday School for ages up to 17 years old
Pre-marriage and after-marriage enhancement classes
Home Bible Studies
Counseling for family and social issues
Lighthouse, a church service for ages 7-12
Special services for teens
Special services and activities for adult singles
Prison ministry
Food pantry

Besides the many ministries we provide, you will find us to be friendly. It’s important to us that you feel welcome when you come to Parkway. If you desire, we would be pleased to come to your home to get acquainted and answer any questions you may have about the church.

If you have need of a pastor for any reason, please don’t hesitate to call. It is our desire to serve you in any way we can.

Enclosed you will find a service schedule and a flier of our upcoming Christmas program. We hope you will give us an opportunity to show that you matter to us.

With warm personal regards,

Pastor Anthony Tamel

(The above material was published by Parkway Apostolic Church, Oak Creek, WI.)

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