How To Win Souls – Lesson Five (Newsletter 4-10)

Evangelism I
Lesson Five: How To Win Souls

Who May Win Souls?
• Matthew 4:19 “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
• There is nothing more important than winning souls
• Every born again Christian can be a fisher of men

When Can Souls Be Won?
• Souls can be won at all times!
• The work of witnessing and fishing for men should never cease
• Babies are born into the world around the clock!

Where May Souls Be Won?
• Scriptural Reference: Acts 8:4
• Souls may be won anywhere!
• The home is one of the best places!
• Here are some other places:
• Church, home, the streets, car, bus, plane, park, school, office, telephone, home, hospital or prison

How May Souls Be Won?
• Basic principles
• Winning souls is not necessarily winning arguments
• His motive must be pure
• The two agents are the Holy Ghost and God’s Word
• He must know who a lost souls is
• He must have had a personal experience so he will not doubt
• He must be prayed through and under the anointing
• He should be care about his appearance
• He should smile and be cheerful!
• He needs to be interested in the needs of the person
• He needs to remember he is preaching Jesus
• He needs to use God’s word to prove that outside of Jesus Christ, one’s soul is lost
• He need to show what God did on Calvary
• He needs to show how to receive what God has provided (Acts 2:38)
• Use the Bible to answer problems
• Be courteous, polite, patient, yet frank
• He should not lose his temper
• He should press for a decision
• After being baptized, instruct in how to yield and believe God, and to receive the Holy Ghost
• He must instruct a life of faithfulness and holiness
• Never be in a hurry!
Lesson Five
Self Help Test

A. Without looking at your notes write in full fifteen principles to be remembered in soul winning.
B. Write a paragraph on the importance of soul winning.