The 144 Thousand – Lesson 5 (Newsletter 4-10)

Lesson Five
The 144 Thousand

A. Judgment Held Back:
• Revelation 7:1-3
• Breaking of the seventh seal the trumpets begin to blow and the judgments increase in intensity. Before this happens judgment is suspended for a brief period.
• John saw an angel, in this church age it is the Holy Spirit within the church who has this staying power (II Thessalonians 2:7).
• The church has been raptured from the earth so an angel comes with this power.

B. The 144,000:
• Revelation 7:4-8
• In Chapter Seven are seen two multitudes of whom are converted during the Tribulation.
• The first group is the 144,000 Israelites who are sealed to be witnesses.
• The second group is a great multitude converted out of all nations as a result of their witnessing.
• The experience that these 144,000 will receive will be similar to the disciples before Pentecost. The 144,000 were sealed from the twelve tribes of Israel in the following manner:
o Tribe of Judah – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Reuben – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Gad – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Asher – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Naphtali – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Manasseh – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Simeon – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Levi – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Issachar – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Zebulum – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Joseph – sealed 12,000
o Tribe of Benjamin – sealed 12,000
• It should be noted that Judah is mentioned first. God’s sovereignty places him there.
• Rueben the first born is next recognized.
• The tribes of Dan and Ephraim are left out entirely.
• Joseph had two sons: Manasseh and Ephraim.
• The tribe of Manasseh takes Dan’s place and Joseph takes Ephraim’s place.

C. Description Of The 144,000: (Revelation 7 And 14)
The 144,000 appear again in Chapter 14, this time it is a heavenly scene.
1. A very clear description is given of the 144,000.
2. They are all Jews from 12 tribes of Israel. Let us not waste time in speculating where the lost 10 tribes of Israel are. God knows who they are.
3. They are redeemed from the earth (Revelation 14:3).
4. They are sealed in their foreheads (Revelation 7:3).
5. They have the Father’s name written on their foreheads.
6. This is the name of Jesus.
7. They are men (Revelation 14:4).
8. They are “virgins.”
9. They had no guile in their mouths.
10. They were without fault. They were blameless.
11. They followed the Lamb.
12. They were called servants (Revelation 7:3).
13. The saints of the church are kings and priests (Revelation 7:15).
14. They were the first fruits of the Jewish nation which would accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah (Revelation 14:4).

D. Their Ministry:
• The everlasting gospel is a message preached throughout all times and ages.
• Therefore, their gospel message incorporated the everlasting gospel within their message: 1) Fear God; 2) Give glory to Him; 3) Hour of judgment is come; and 4) Worship the Creator.

E. Great End Time Revival:
• Revelation 7:9-17
• In the latter part of the seventh chapter there is a description of a great multitude of redeemed people from all nations.
• This is one of the greatest revivals that the world will ever see.
This multitude of redeemed people is:
1. A great multitude that no man can count;
2. They are from all nations: both Jews and Gentiles;
3. They are Tribulation saints who come out of the great Tribulation;
4. The blood of the Lamb has cleansed them;
5. They serve God day and night in his temple.
It would seem that this saved multitude will go into the millennium and serve God in His kingdom.

F. The Restoration Of Israel:
• The 144,000 are the first fruits of the entire nation of Israel being converted and accepting Jesus as their long looked for Messiah.

Lesson Five
Self Help Test

A. List the twelve tribes who make up the 144,000.

B. What two tribes are left out? Why?

C. Write a complete description of the 144,000.

D. What message did the 144,000 preach?

E. How do we know that they will experience a great end time revival?