Issue 30-3 – Church Growth – A Bus Ministry That Bears Fruit – Tim Massengale

A Bus Ministry That Bears Fruit

By Tim Massengale







Even more than Sunday school, the bus ministry has been attacked as being an expensive, nonproductive ministry.  Unfortunately it has been described by some as a “glorified baby-sitting program.” It is not, nor should it be!


Many churches have sold their buses and given up their routes. How sad! They have succumbed to the proverbial problem of “throwing out the baby with the bath water.” Perhaps the problem lay not with bus ministry, but with how they were using it. When bus ministry becomes only a “numbers game” to increase attendance, it is destined to fail.


The reason why some have seen poor results from their bus routes is two fold:


1) They failed to evangelize the bus children in the Sunday school classroom.

2) They failed to evangelize the bus parents in the home.


Bus ministry is not just a way to reach children with salvation – it’s also a way to see the parents saved. But to do so, the approach must be focused and direct.  Souls must be the primary objective from start to finish.


The “Parentreach” concept is a method to evangelize the parents of your bus children. The “Monthly Holy Ghost Sunday” or “Super Church Ministry” are methods to evangelize the bus children in the class room. Both approaches are highly effective. This month we will look at the first program and next month we will consider the second.

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