Thu. Jun 24th, 2021


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What a tragedy! Built to soar into the heavens, but conditioned to remain earthbound, the young eagle pecked at stray seeds and chased insects. Though designed by God to be among the most awesome of all birds, he instead believed his neighbor’s counsel: “You’re only a prairie chicken . . . come on, let’s go find some insects.” Right now, you may be finding yourself in a situation much like that of the changeling eagle. You know God has empowered you with the ability to have a far greater church than you have right now. You know you are filled with a Spirit which enables you to reach and obtain the impossible. But for some reason, a voice in the back of your mind keeps saying, “But you are only a Pentecostal. You’ve always been small. What hope is there of growing now?”


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Tim Massengale is an instructor for Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also the editor of the IBC Perspectives magazine and the director of the Apostolic Information Service. Tim Massengale also travels as a church growth lecturer and consultant of the UPCI. He is the author of many church growth resources, including The Total Church Growth seminar and tape series, and the book “Let My People Grow”.


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