Wed. Jun 16th, 2021


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Stewards in the Bible managed another person’s property or financial affairs. They served as a business manager that carried out the business affairs of a household. They did not own property, business, or financial resources; they simply managed it. The Bible teaches that believers are stewards. Rather than owning the resources, stewards only use the resources. Believers only have resources to use them. God only grants His stewards the privilege to possess heavenly resources as long as they exercise them. As soon as the believer lays the divine assets aside, the possession reverts to the owner, God.


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A faithful minister for nearly twenty years, Daniel L. Butler is presently serving as the pastor of the United Pentecostal Assembly in Bellflower, California. Together with his wife Pam and their son Dane, they labor in the midst of Los Angeles County and witness the depth of God’s love and saving power. Under their leadership, the loving, vibrant, and devoted church family has multiplied both in number and spiritual depth. God continues to anoint and pour out manifold blessings upon the Butlers’ ministry.

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