By: Amanda Colegrove

Job Purpose

To reach our neighbor, city, and world with the gospel. To strengthen and ground new members in the Faith until they are strong enough to stand with us. To get people involved in Home Groups until they want to come to church and to help bear the burden of the Pastor.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be Holy Ghost Filled — One Year (Proven)
* The source of life….His Spirit.
* No substitute for this.
2. Must have gone through training
* Proven they are responsible.
* Have a teachable spirit.
* They are equipped to serve.
3. Must be faithful to the purpose of the body
* Not a self centered person.
* Looking for a way to benefit the whole body.
* “He must increase, I must decrease.”
4. Financial Supporter
* If a person has no investment, he has no reason for commitment.
* A leader must be first partaker of the fruit.
5. Recognizable by the people…Leadership Material
* They have respect from the people.
* They know how to come in and go out before them.
* Good character.
6. Have taught home Bible studies
* When one is faithful in small things, then he can have capability of being ruler over more responsibility.
7. Striving to keep the unity of the people
* Does not take sides if there is a disagreement.
* Loyal to leadership.
8. Must have the Bible requirements set out in I Tim. 3:1-10
* Since this is a Scriptural endeavor, we must endeavor to keep the Scripture involved in our foundation.
* God always sees the future – we can trust His word.
9. Must have a proven knowledge of the Scriptures
* Tests are given.
* Situations set for them and a response given as to the particular action one would take if that situation came to you; for an example.

Job Responsibilities

1. Must be faithful to pastor and support church programs.
2. Must be faithful in his/her stewardship to church, such as tithes and offerings and attendance to all church functions.
3. Must commit himself, first and foremost, to being an equipped.
4. Must be responsible for the general oversight of Home Fellowship Group Ministry.
5. His/Her chief role is discipling and teaching leadership to his/her Home Group Leaders.
6. Leads the group meetings at given leaders’ gatherings.
7. Takes care of logistic problems (placement of groups in various homes, etc.)
8. Oversees the ordering and distribution of all study materials used in home fellowship groups. a. lesson books
9. Keeps pastor informed of all situations concerning the fellowship groups.
a. fill out weekly reports
10. Keeps each fellowship group with ample amount of supplies.
a. enough song sheets
b. attendance sheets

Other Duties

1. Keep abreast of every program in his division.
2. Know in detail the operational structure of each program, in case he is called upon to carry on in an emergency.
3. Be an adviser, give encouragement and support.
4. Cultivate new ideas to assist programs. The pastor’s idea here, is not to just give concept but to allow department head’s creativity to blossom fresh new ways to do things better.
5. Have meetings periodically to keep harmony and unity with the division. (do not want any leader or worker isolation)
6. Be the problem solver; if a problem arises which he is, not sure how to handle, he should consult with the Pastor board and they will make a recommendation.
(It is very important for you to understand that this is not a PASTORAL DECISION, only a RECOMMENDATION.)

Organizational Relationships

The Cell Ministry director is accountable to the pastor, personally. Every year this job description will be reviewed with the director and the pastor to update and improve it. The director is responsible to turn his weekly reports. An evaluation will be done annually by the pastor. This term of office is for one year.

Training and Development

* Read “Home Fellowship Handbook” by: Jackie Leesment
* Read “LLI Materials for Cell Group or Personal Bible Study”
* Read “Successful Home Cell Groups” by: Dr. Paul Cho
* Read “Fourth Dimension-Volume I & II” by: Dr Paul Cho
* Read “Building Small Groups” by: John Mallison
* Read “Azusa Street” by: Frank Bartleman

Job Goals for the year 1992

1. The members mature.
2. There is an inner healing.
3. Love and caring one for another is developed.
4. Members get a burden for the lost.
5. Motivate members to ask all their friends to attend.
6. Try new methods of teaching and order new material.

(The above material was designed and prepared by Amanda Colegrove, an Indiana Bible College student.)

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