JOB DESCRIPTION: Church Maintenance Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Church Maintenance Manager
Apostolic Pentecostal Tabernacle
Aaron Arrowood

Job Purpose
To maintain a high standard of cleanliness in and around the church. To keep all machines in good running order. To be faithful in organizing the helpers that will be given to you. To create an atmosphere that is comfortable to pray, worship, or fellowship in seven days a week.

Job Qualifications

1. Must have maintenance experience

2. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost..

3. Must be loyal to the pastor.

4. Must be willing to work well with others.

5. Must be faithful and dependable at all times.

6. Must dress appropriately according to the teachings of the church.

Job Responsibilities

These responsibilities are to be maintained on a weekly basis.
1. Shall maintain the auditorium.
a. Sweeping
b. Dusting
c. Put all song books away
d. Collect all loose debris

2. Shall change all bad light bulbs

3. Shall clean all windows

4. Shall clean all areas of every bathroom

5. Shall maintain the water fountain, baptismal, and the drinking fountains

6. Must cut the grass and maintain hedges

7. Must maintain the sidewalks and parking lot by sweeping and collecting garbage

8. Must change the garbage bags

9. Must maintain heating and cooling units

10. Must maintain and prevent future maintenance in the plumbing

11. Must organize a bi-annual date on which the entire church will be welcome to help clean the church


Organizational Relationships

The maintenance manager is to head up a staff of two unpaid volunteers. He is directly responsible to the pastor and the board who will annually evaluate his job and if need be update his job description.


Training and Development

Heating and air conditioning classes at the University in the fall

Any manuals or material needed for information concerning the maintenance of the church will be purchased at the church’s expense.

You will have access to any funds that are necessary to carry out your job properly.


Job Goals for the Year

1. Organize, use, and train volunteers.

2. Upgrade the condition of the church building and surrounding area at all times.

3. Maintain cleanliness in the church and surrounding area at all times.