The duty of the Ground’s keeper is to care for the area known as “Pentecost Park”, which includes Revival Tabernacle. You will help watch over the care and security of the buildings and utilities of the church grounds. It also include the maintenance of the grass and foliage visible surrounding the church area.


1. You are to assure that the church property and premise are secure each night. This is one of your primary duties.

a. The main gate is to be closed and locked by ll:OOpm.
b. All buildings doors and windows should be locked up.
c. All interior lights are out (except for those specified for security reasons.)
d. Exterior lights are on throughout the property (those on time-clocks need to be kept properly adjusted.)
e. Air conditioners and furnaces turned off.
f. Windows are closed and locked.
g. Check the burglar alarm to see that they are properly set and working. (Notify the business manager or church secretary of the alarm being on.)
h. Make sure the water is not left running anywhere for extended periods.
i. Make sure the watch dog is released to roam the property after the gate has been locked. If we have one on the premises.

2. Daily duties for opening the church grounds.

a. Make sure the main gate has been unlocked by 7:00 am.
b. Check to assure that all the exterior lights are off.
c. Put the watch dog in his yard and feed each morning.

3. Preparing the church for service.

a. Open the church in plenty of time for morning service or practices in the evenings.
b. See to proper preparation for temperature control, such as the furnaces thermostat. (the thermostat should be set to 68*, no higher except in severe cold weather)
c. Open the windows in warm weather and make sure closed when turning on the heat.
d. make sure the lights have been turned on ( the minimum necessary for opening the service)
e. Have the baptistery light turned on if the drapes are open.


The care of the watch dog will be your responsibility. You will need to see that it has been feed, watered, and cared for. If the watch dog belongs to the church, when food must be purchased it is to come from the petty cash. Droppings are to be disposed of, except for the remote areas around back of the Ranch House where people do not walk.

The premises must be clean, especially over the weekends. There must be no dog droppings anywhere visible from the parking lots or the church walkways. This will help present a clean appearance to visitors and guests. All papers picked up along the entry drive. This should be taken care of before Sunday morning Sunday School. The trash cans next to the church should be cleaned out before church to help eliminate the spreading of trash because of a full trash can.

It is good to check the entire entry and front of the church and the driveway in front for trash. We want our church and guest to see a clean entry way on entering the house of God.

Always report any repairs needed, breakage, vandalism, water dripping, running toilets, lack of supplies, improper cleaning, or anything else to the appropriate person. Areas needing repairs see the Maintenance Director. Emergency repairs contact the appropriate person.

You will be asked to help with late deliveries or deliveries made when offices are closed. You also may need to open spaces for repair work which is needed after, working hours or when people are not at their offices. Help these people with directions and assistance as best you can. If you feel the repair presents a problem and are not sure of what to do. Contact either the person placing the request or an appropriate church leader for direction.

You will have certain keys to the premises, be very careful with those keys. If lost they could present a serious threat to the security of the church property. If you are asked to open rooms for people refer them to their leaders who should be opening the room . You are not the ground keepers to open doors for everyone.

You are not to permit additional people to live on the premises without permission of the Pastor. Visitors staying more than three (3) days should have permission of the Pastor.

Because of the high cost of utilities it is very important there are no lights or power units (A/C -Heating) operating when not necessary. Always check to be sure there are no lights, heaters, A/C, etc. on in the church, T.C.A., annex, or education buildings at night.

There may be other tasks you will be asked to do, or help with, by the Pastor. Of course always feel free to help maintain and keep the church premises cleaned.

Remember, that if you have children, it is extremely important that you teach them to take care and respect all the church facilities. They are and not to be in unsupervised areas or playing in the areas set aside as residence area of other people living on the property. Living as close as everyone does it is important that all respect each other’s privacy and property.

Housing and utilities will be provided for you. The area on the north end of the Ranch House will designated your home. You are responsible for taking care of the area in front and back. We will do all we can to advise the church that this is your home and it should be treated with all the courtesies of someone’s home. In return for the living arrangements we are expecting that a minimum of 70 hours service by you each month for fulfill the duties listed in this contract.


You will be in charge of any watering not covered by the automatic sprinkling system. General landscaping around the church and exposed buildings are your requirements. The areas around each person’s residence will be their own responsibility. You will need to contact the Maintenance Director of any problems that may arise. For an emergency contact the pastor or his designated person for direction and approval on special work needed.


The living arrangement here on the church property may be ended by either party if the arrangements become unsuitable for a good working relationship or a hardship develops. It will be the responsibility of each to give the other a 30 day notice, without any hard feelings.

This position is to be filled on a one year basis with the last day of August being the renewal date. Now is the time any changes should be made to the working order of the contract with both parties agreeing in the changes.


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