Job Description For Church Trustee

Job Description For Church Trustee

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.

2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.

3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.

4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.

5. Must carry a burden for souls of men and women.

6. Must be faithful in church attendance and tithing

7. Must share the pastor’s vision for the church and it’s growth.

8. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties of the position.


To serve as Church Trustee, a position appointed by the pastor. Your duties will be include assisting in legal matters as defined by our articles of incorporation. You will be asked to assist the pastor in making decisions that affect legal matters of the church (ie: large major purchases such as property, etc.). You will occasionally be asked to vote upon certain actions necessary to the well being of the church. You will also work with the pastor in general church maintenance and upkeep of the church facility. In doing this, you will be performing a needed service to the Body of Christ.


* Shall meet with the pastor and other trustees as requested. Trustee meetings are to be called only by the pastor and the pastor must be present at all meetings.

* Shall prayerfully consider all matters presented for consideration of the trustee board. You are a servant of the church; an ordained lay officer in the Church.

* Shall work in harmony with the Pastor, Associate Pastor, Elders and other trustees.

You are a leader. Therefore it is imperative that you lead an exemplary life and character.



In your position in the Local Congregation you should manifest a concern for the welfare of the church.

Your duties also include having the physical oversight of the Church building and property. See that custodial duties are performed. That the building and property do not come into disrepair.

Shall work with the Pastor, Assoc. Pastor, and Elders in making up the Leadership Council of the local Church.

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