Job Description Youth Committee Member

Job Description Youth Committee Member
Bro. Dan Johnson
United Pentecostal Church – 1989

Job Purpose

To encourage the Youth Director/Youth Counsel in motivating the Youth Department in a manner that will result in spiritual and social growth for the youth and individuals participating. Major focus will be placed upon giving ideas to the Youth Director/Youth Counsel to encourage the youth to have a more spiritual walk with God and to also allow the youth to have a better insight on social events as well as being more involved in outreach programs and fund raising activities. This will give the youth a better understanding
of how the church operates and will also help them to become spiritual leaders in the church today, as well as tomorrow.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5. Must carry a burden for the Youth Ministry.
6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm and excitement.
7. Must be able to lead and motivate youth.
8. Must be a lover of the souls of youth.
9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.
10. Must have a knowledge of the operation/functions of the Youth Ministry.

Job Responsibilities

** Shall take an active interest in helping to encourage:
a. The social aspect of the youth – in order to unify them as a strong team and body.

b. The soulwinning involvement of the youth – in order to see young people and others saved

c. The fund raising goals of the youth – in order to help them gain financial responsibility.

d. The spiritual growth of the youth – in order to see them develop a stable walk with God.

** Shall serve as a catalyst to the entire Youth Program promoting and encouraging its success.
a. Shall offer suggestions for the entire scope of the youth work.
b. Shall be an example to the youth by serving as a role model in worship and consecration.

** Shall help with the Sr. Bible Quizzing Ministry when possible.

** Shall attend all sectional youth fellowship meetings (when possible) and encourage the other youth to do the same.

** Shall help promote ‘Sheaves for Christ’ and other fund raising events under Youth Director/Youth Counsel direction.

** Shall supervise the youth prayer meetings (on occasion) these meetings take place weekly on Tuesday Evenings.
a. Should encourage youth to attend all other church prayer meetings, including pre-service prayer.

** Shall encourage the youth to attend youth camps and conventions.

** Shall encourage all national, district, and local youth activities, such as:
a. Youth Rallies e. Youth Retreats
b. S. F. C. Promotions f. Youth Conferences
c. Youth Week g. Youth Outreach Crusades
d. Youth Camp h. Annual Youth Trip

** Shall be on their best behavior at youth activities, socials, or  church services.

** The purpose of this Youth Council/Committee is to do the  following:

a. They shall give input on fund raising projects as:
1) Car or Window Washes 5) Recipe / Bake Sales
2) ????-A-Thons 6) Mile-‘o-$$$
3) Christmas/Valentine Card Serv. 7) Dinners, breakfasts, or
4) Slave / Skills Auction barbecues
8) Sports Tournaments

b. They shall contribute ideas for various socials activities such as:
1) Snow Trip 5) Graduation Party
2) Sweetheart Banquet 6) Back-to-School Revival
3) Annual Youth Trip 7) Youth Camp-out
4) Youth Harvest Party (Oct 31) 8) Youth Christmas Party

c. They shall encourage outreach programs such as:
1) Overnight Youth Crusade 4) Tract Distribution
2) Campus ministry 5) Balloon/Kite Testimony
3) Street Services 6) Youth Bus/Van Route

d. They shall encourage the other youth to attend the youth services.

** Shall encourage the other youth to get involved in the “Soul Patrol” which meets monthly for a variety of outreach activities.

** Shall encourage and uplift the other youth members when they they see the need or are ask to help someone.

** Shall make a special effort to involve all new convert youth in the youth program and activities. Make sure all new converts of the youth are invited to events and are made to feel welcome.

** Shall contribute ideas for the publishing of the bi-monthly youth newsletter “The Youth R.I.O.T” (Revival In Our Town) sending it to all youth and past youth visitors.

Other Duties

** Shall be an example to the youth in faithfulness by attending all church services and special functions.

** Shall be an example to the other youth in soul winning by taking  a part in an outreach ministry (if possible) of their choosing.

** Shall be an example to the other Youth in spiritual growth by coming early before each service to pray.

** Shall attend all Monthly Youth Departmental Planning Councils. if possible. (Only to give input on certain topics when asked).

** Shall perform additional duties if asked.

Organizational Relationships

The Youth Counsel Member is responsible directly to the Youth Director and Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Youth Director will review this Job Description, update and improve it to make more applicable to the
position. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Youth Director and Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

** Read “The Youth Workers Manual” by David Hyles
** Read “Building Community in Youth Groups” by Denny Rydburg (Group Books)
** Read “Involving Youth In Youth Ministry” by Tom Schultz (Group Books)
** Read “Let My People Grow” by Tim Massengale (Revival Research)
** Read book(s) provided by Pastor
** Attend District Youth Convention if possible.
** Attend the “Youth Alive” National Youth Workers Seminar if possible.

Job Goals For The Year Of 1989

** Assist the Youth Director and Pastor in developing a Youth Council and Committee.
** Help the Youth Director implement the four “Youth Alive” style of services.
** Work with the Youth Director to begin the Youth Newsletter
** Assist in beginning a weekly youth prayer meeting.
** Explore the possibility of beginning the “J-Jamers” youth club for boys/girls 6-12.
** Explore possibility of beginning a Bible Quizzing Ministry.