Youth Activities (Outreach)

Youth Activities (Outreach)

Hand Out Special Tracts On Halloween
1. Youth dress up as Bible Characters on Halloween
2. Going to mall or shopping center and pass out special tracts
3. They get bold hiding behind characters.
4. Go back to church and have party?

Helium Balloon with testimony
1. Youth write their testimonies on small piece of paper
2. Put inside balloon
3. Fill balloon with helium
4. Tie string on balloon
5. Youth prays over balloons as a group
6. Let her fly!

Use also same idea with kites

Track Attack
1. Load young people in vehicles
2. Give them ten tracks each
3. Go to shopping center or mall
4. Youth Director has stop watch. All youth disperse at same time
5. All must pass out ten tracks in HANDS OF PEOPLE
6. Must be back in van in ten minutes ( or whatever time you want) allowed
7. Point for each track handed out
8. Point subtracted for each SECOND late back to the van

Track Races
1. Load youth into van or bus, to residential area
2. All youth should pick partner
3. Unload pair of partners, one on one side of street, one on the other side of street
4. Toot of horn they start racing from house to house, putting a track on each door using putty
6. Who ever reaches end of block wins

Balloon Banner
1. Paint revival or whatever message desired on 4 ft. Butcher paper
2. Put something along top to make it stiff
3. Tie or stick balloons on top with helium
4. Let it float!

Week- End Youth Crusade
1. Meet at church with sleeping bag on Friday evening about 5:30 (depends on distance)
2. Drive to neighboring Home Missions Church
3. Have a good service (pastor or youth pastor preaches)
4. Refreshments after service
5. Sack out! Girls in one room – boys in another room (well chaperoned)
6. In the morning have a good pancake breakfast
7. Wearing casual clothes, hit the streets passing out flyers for service that evening and weekend until noon (they have group captains)
8. Pastor of H.M church should have city mapped out ahead of time
9. Back to the church for lunch (sand.)
10. Play group game (soft ball etc.)
11. Have street meeting or park service
12. Clean up for service that night (church clothes)
13. After service – home sweet home!

Scavenger Hunt
1. Divide youth into groups (6-8 Youth needs to realize this  is ministry to witness, not just for fun.)
2. Each group accompanied by an adult
3. Looking for Bible items
a. Dorcus’ purple cloth
b. small fishes! etc.
4. Door to door to get items.
5. The youth identifies they are part of youth group etc.
6. Give them track after receiving item

Director Outreach
1. Youth director takes all outreach programs and focuses one  outreach each month
a. Home Bible Study (at least baby-sit teachers children or go  as an assistant)
b. Constant Contact Consciousness C.C.C. (take up on youth nights)
c. Everyone gets involved This special activity is different than your Youth Alive FUND RAISER

Trash – A – Thon
1. Get sponsors
2. Pick up trash along freeways (for a mile or whatever)

Candy Cane Caroling
1. Hire out. Will sings carols to family ($10.00 ——)
2. Family receives Big candy cane BIRTHDAY SINGING IS ALONG THIS LINE

Sports Team
1. Person pays to enter baseball (softball, football, volleyball etc.) team.
2. Competes with other team.
3. Whatever team wins gets prize

Boys Mud Wrestling Match
1. Build mud pit
2. All boys who enter must pay $5.00 (Charge Admission)
3. Choose partner
4. Only three falls allowed (per team or person)
5. Winners play winners until final winner

Church Calendar
1. Write to company
2. Charge $1.00 for birthday, anniversary
3. Get money for advertisements ($25.00 a block etc.)

Potato Bake
1. Youth knock on doors asking for potatoes(Be sure they tell who they are and representing) Example: “I’m Tim from………church would you like to donate a potato for our Youth group……….
2. Go back to church and bake
3. Sell potato charge extra for each topping

Rake – a -thon
1. Get sponsors per yard
2. Doing this for elderly
3. Get ten young people doing one yard goes fast. Set goal of 25 or whatever yards THIS IS ALSO A COMMUNITY SERVICE FOR THE ELDERLY. LET YOUR NEWSPAPER KNOW THIS

Jail – a – thon
1. Kidnap someone, take to jailhouse (designated home)
2. They must raise ransom whatever amount you set
3. If they can’t raise ransom, they must pay it
4. Make uniforms etc.

Quarter Carnival
1. Set up booths (certain theme)
2. Charge quarter for everything

Mile of Pennies
1. Every youth brings pennies
2. Challenge to make a long line of pennies. Circle whole church or sanctuary twice

Recipe Sale
1. unique recipe
2. Cut cakes etc. in little pieces
3. Give to people as they enter or exit store to taste
4. Sell recipe for $.50

Ugly Contest
1. Sponsor someone to be in contest ($5.00) (If they refuse to be dressed up they must match and pay fee)
2. Take person into back room and dress him or her up with paint, old  clothes, etc.
3. Whoever is the ugliest among contestants gets prize

Penny Pound Ice Cream
1. Person weighs
2. Pays pennie whatever weighs
3. Gets served ice cream
4. If they don’t want to weigh they must pay set fee for  ice-cream

Talent Night
1. Sponsors someone to sing or preach etc.
2. Person must or pay the price of whatever sponsor was willing to  pay

Shoe Shine!.
Auction off shoe shines after church

Birthday Party Service
1. Youth group hires to give parties (this may include puppets, clowns, etc)

Progressive Dinners
1. Choosing four homes
2. Serve first salad
3. Move to second home, serve soup
4. Moving on serve main course
5. Continuing on… serve desert

Make and Sell Coupons!.
1. Going to different businesses having them to advertising your  coupon book (of course these coupons have discounts)
2. Sell coupon book

Youth Services / Ethnic Services
1. Pick certain ethnic group
a. Spanish
2. Every one dresses up Spanish
3. Music is Spanish
4. Have someone preach in Spanish through an interpreter
5. Snack (Spanish dish) after service

Behind The Iron Curtain
1. Find good location (preferably in abandon house, barn etc.)
2. Write out direction in code with pass word, put in sealed  envelopes with their names written on it for the next service  (leak out code so it will spread, you want to be sure everyone  comes
3. Have a special knock
4. Instructions must say two people at a time must come to house at a  certain time
5. With special knock, pass word they are ushered inside by adult and  with a candle light only (into cellar, or basement ect…..)
6. When they all arrive, YOUTH DIRECTOR says, “I have called you  here to tell you the Communist has taken over our country. We must needs to go underground. Our pastor has been arrested. He has a message for you.
7. Tape recording of pastor as “he is in his cell” (Pastor tells them he is in his cell where its damp and cold…… but to stand and be strong…….”
8. This service is conducted quietly(because of being underground)
9. Singing with no music
10. Preaching is done quietly
11. Toward end of service, secret police or KGB (they have uniforms or arm bands to identify themselves) burst in with toy machine guns blasting. Have someone know ahead of time he or she will scream as if hit.
12. After the effects are over, YOUTH DIRECTOR asks this question, “If your were accused of being a Christian, is there enough evidence to find you guilty?”

Campfire Service
1. Having serious service(option: barbecue or roast marshmallows before service)
2. Write past sins or problems on paper and altogether everyone throws into fire to never be remembered again

Rap Service
1. A certain subject is given
2. Pose a hypothetical situation example: Jim and Mike are good friends and wanted to go camping. Mike’s parents said no. Jim tells Mike to tell parents he will just spend the night then. He tells Mike they will go ahead and go camping without Mike’s parents knowing. QUESTION: What would you say if you were Mike?
3. Do “Around Robbin” style: everyone answers USE CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS

Talk Show It
1. Set up like a talk show
2. Have spot light on host sitting on stool with empty stool
3. Introduce guest Music in background
4. Interview guest. Guest tells about five minute testimony. Ask guest questions

Youth Prayer
1. Everyone brings sleeping bags
2. After service youth goes out to eat
3. Pray until 1:00 or 2:00
4. Start Praying in one hour shifts

Youth Lock-In Twenty-four hours
1. Bring sleeping bags
2. Start around 6:00 p.m. Friday to 6:00 Saturday
3. Locked in church. NO ONE leaves
5. Separate girls and guys with chaperone during nighty night time

Youth Stationary Parent’s Letter
1 Use rap session on this
2. Ask youth four questions
a. What I need most form you, what I wish you would do, what I like that you now do, what I miss that you used to do
3. This is given to all parents of youth group