Judge or Doer? (Newsletter 4-3)

Judge or Doer?
By Jill Friedman

We are under grace, not the law, but the law still exists. We lowly Gentiles are to avoid eating blood and things strangled or offered to idols under dietary laws. We are to pray for our food, which is cleansed by God. Our ways are not His ways. He came to us and made this priceless salvation more easily affordable. Because we were so poor spiritually He helped us. As He has done so many times before, He made a way out of no way. He is the way. If we ever get the point we will come up higher in His love. He still waits for us to draw closer.

Sin is still sin. The ten commandments are right and good. Yet they all boil down to love God first and your neighbor as yourself. Bishop Grisham said we know how to treat others because we know how we would like to be treated. But it is easy to compromise. Like many clothes today can be worn and look risque’ – or added to and look modest. Many things are generic; often can’t tell if it’s for boy or girl. Many songs we sing do not really identify with only Jesus. You could substitute boyfriend, Hari Krishna, or whatever; it still fits. Scary. I like to put Jesus in the big middle of everything or sing songs that mention or quote the Word. I don’t want to be plastic or blur God’s light in me to the world … fresh, real bread~

All this tends to make us have to judge these small things. Sis. Liz [Jeffrey] once said, “This is too heavy for me.” Some things just weigh us down and we don’t want that. We’re not supposed to take thought for what we wear, yet with today’s styles, we have to take modesty into consideration.

When it comes to people, some set themselves up as judge and jury and executioner. They try to slander and malign those who do not do what they like and murder their reputation with their words. This is especially dangerous when done against authority. This is where the children of Israel got into their worst jams.

If you’re always judging the righteousness of others or their service, or even sinners, you are not a doer of the Word but a judge. “Judge not lest ye be judged. .. Judge nothing before the time. ” Even the angel did not bring a railing accusation against the devil but said, “the Lord rebuke you.” Do the Word. Love, love, love their souls. Stop worrying about yourself. Let the angels reap the harvest. Time will tell. Let God judge. Shun those who say they are Christians but lie. Love those you think are wrong in the hopes they will see God’s love in time.

Editor’s Note: Jill Friedman and her husband Paul are part of the New Life Family.

Jill teaches Sunday School, sings in the choir, and plays her saxophone. It’s a joy serving the Lord in such company.