Just what is a “NINJA”?

Just what is a “NINJA”?

We had a friend in Dallas, Texas go to the Dallas Public Library to look up just what Ninja means. The reason for this is the popularity of this character and our personal convictions that it would not be wise to allow our children to play with this type of character or to imitate them.

This is what he found out:

“I have checked with the Dallas Public library for information on Ninja that you asked me about. “Ninja” is short for “Ninjitsu”. Ninjitsu is an ancient warrior society of Japan. The Ninja engage in martial arts meditation (T.M.) and was banned about three centuries ago by one of Japan’s Emperors.  The Ninja were rivals of the Samurai warriors. I presume the emperor who banned the Ninja was a Samurai. Samurai also use martial arts, meditation and were violent like the Ninja. Samurai preferred to kill themselves rather than be captured by an enemy. A Samurai warrior who was in battle and expected capture would stab himself in the heart rather than surrender.

This form of suicide was called “Hari-kiri” (ritual suicide). If the Samurai had the time he would go into a meditation trance first before killing himself. Satanic practice, to be sure.

I don’t know if the Ninja practiced suicide like the Samurai. After the Ninja were outlawed, as I mentioned above, they became a secret society of assassins., They would ambush Samurai or
other enemies and murder them using their martial arts skills, swords and stars (5 sharp points on a round piece of steel), which they threw into the bodies of their victims. Ninja practice transcendental mediation, putting themselves into trances too, supposedly, give them powers to vanquish enemies.  Their religious meditation seems to me to be satanic in every particular.

There is in modern day Japan a large number of organized crime syndicates in Tokyo and other Japanese cities. Each syndicate has Ninja trained killers to fight with police and with other
crime mobs, and to assassinate political foes, or other persons.

You are right to keep the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” out of your children’s way. The “Ninja Turtles” are a bad influence on children of all ages. Unfortunately, the “Ninja Turtle” craze is quite popular with thousands (maybe even millions) of youngsters who are unaware of the history of the Ninja (Ninjitsu).

Ninja assassins clothe themselves in black coverings, like robes, sort of and veil their faces in black coverings. Only their eyes are visible. Enough of that.”

Should you let your children play with ninja turtles? From the information provided from the public library I would think not. You be the judge. We all have to stand accountable before the Lord. We are to train up our children in the way of the Lord. Allowing them to play with ninja turtles which represent evil would be wrong and would be leading our children astray.