Weep For Your Children

Weep For Your Children
Dave Hunt

“But Jesus turning unto them said, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children….For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall they do in the dry?'” (Lk 23:28,31)

For the first time in its history the United States now has a president and vice-president who openly encourage homosexuality, the murder of the unborn, and the pagan worship of Mother Earth. President Clinton’s first official moves revealed a determination to elevate what for thousands of years has been known as ” a crime against nature” to an honorable act that makes one a member of a new and powerful class in society.

No one dare speak a word against hat favored “minority.” Moral convictions based upon conscience and the Bible are now labeled hate and prejudice.

Pressured by that militant and tiny minority (about 2% according to polls), both the media and public schools present homosexuality as natural and acceptable. Children are being taught to experiment in order to learn their sexual “orientation” or “preference.” If God does not bring severe judgment upon America and the world, He would seem, as has been said, to owe an apology
to Sodom and Gomorrah. The entire world, with America leading the pack, is racing down the highway to hell.

The election of Clinton and Gore has introduced a new and frightening dimension to the moral degeneracy of our day. We have long known that liberals in the media and public schools have an anti-family agenda that would rob our children of their innocence and replace a God-given conscience with humanism’s “if it feels good, do it!” And now the White House, instead of standing against these change agents and seducers of our children, is providing them legitimacy, assistance and leadership!

Because it was the homosexual community which brought it to crisis proportions–and because of the misinformation the homosexual lobby has persuaded the government and media to disseminate–AIDS enjoys a status never before granted to a highly contagious and deadly disease. Incredibly, instead of being treated like the fatal plague it is, AIDS has become a civil right
that gives those carrying it a privileged status and even the prerogative to keep their infection secret. Health laws prevent anyone with such diseases as hepatitis from working in a restaurant, yet those with AIDS may do so. To bar them, which common sense would demand, is forbidden as “discrimination,” even though it means sure death to those who, as a result of this insane policy, may accidentally contract the HIV virus.

Such criminal folly, which has displaced true compassion and wisdom, threatens us all with unprecedented catastrophe. Only a few years ago it was denied that blood could be contaminated–and as a result large numbers of hemophiliacs are dead or dying of AIDS. Arthur Ashe is only one of many “transfusion” casualties. In spite of current precautions, medical personnel treating HIV patients have contracted AIDS. Recently an entire family (parents and children) was wiped out by AIDS, though they were heterosexuals. How it was contracted remains a mystery. The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that “within a few years” AIDS among heterosexuals, which increased 28% in 1991, will account for about half of all cases in America.

That Clinton and Gore both claim to be Christians (Southern Baptists) is not surprising. That the label “Christian” can now be attached to any belief prepares the way for Antichrist. He will be worshiped the by entire world as Christ. Thus his followers will be “Christians.” A false and even Antichrist “Christianity” must become the world religion. Such is the “Christianity” which the White House now seems to espouse. Prophecy is being fulfilled. The “Christianity” of Clinton and Gore is quite compatible with the prevailing trend in the church at large. Already Protestants are
accepting as church members, and even ordaining, homosexuals and lesbians.

While Roman Catholicism officially opposes homosexuality and abortion, it covers up such deeds among its priests and nuns. For centuries prior to 1869, Rome had even accepted abortion–and could do so again. Doctrine and morals stand or fall together; and Rome has long been the major purveyor of a false gospel.

Pope John Paul II, the world’s leading ecumenist, has declared that snake worshipers, witch doctors, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, etc. all worship the Christian God. Yet evangelical leaders continue to praise the Pope as a great spiritual leader and to accept Roman Catholicism as Christian. Recently John Paul II told voodoo leaders in Africa that “they would not betray their
traditional faith by converting to Christianity.” Such Antichrist “Christianity” is in no position to say that anything is wrong, much less sinful, a term that has all but faded from today’s vocabulary. If one can brush aside the Bible’s doctrines, why not its morals? That is a easy next step. Both the Protestant and Catholic churches are preparing the way to make it a crime to call homosexuality, abortion, incest or indeed anything else sin.

“Project 10” is only one public school program designed to open America’s young children to homosexuality. First-grade readers being used across the country include Daddy’s Roommate (promotes homosexuality as normal and wholesome), Heather Has Two Mommies (a child born through artificial insemination to two lesbians living together); and for the third grade, Gloria
Goes to Gay Pride. Just as evolution is taught as scientific fact and the teaching of creation as an alternate possibility is barred from public schools, so it is with morality. Against the wishes of parents, condoms are given out and “safe sex” taught to young children. To suggest abstinence from premarital sex as a “preventive” is excluded as a religious idea.

Just as a small minority of communists took over Russia, China and a host of other nations, so a dedicated minority has seized control of America’s courts, public school and media and is determined to remold the thinking of our children. Schools are supposed to educate students in academic subjects, but instead are trying to remake them morally, emotionally and psychologically.
Parents who object to this breach of trust and calculated destruction of “family values” are denied the right to “interfere” in the moral training of their own children and are scorned as “fanatical fundamentalist Christians,” now the most demeaning of epithets.

A recent Reader’s Digest poll across the country demonstrates conclusively that the courts, media and public schools are forcing upon our children humanistic values to which not only their parents but an overwhelming majority of American citizens are opposed. For example, 80% disapprove the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that it is unconstitutional to offer prayer at a high school graduation (it never used to be), while only 18% approve. As for prayer in public schools (voluntary and personal, not regimented), 75% favor it and only 19% are opposed. William J Bennett, Secretary of Education from 1985 to 1988, declared, “The Founding Fathers intended [Christian] religion to provide a moral anchor for our democracy. Yet again and again as Education
Secretary…I was attacked as an ‘ayatollah’ when I supported voluntary school prayer–and the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools.” [Readers Digest 11/92]

While rejecting Biblical moral values long accepted in American schools,those in charge of curricula are pushing substitute religions (humanism, Eastern mysticism, occultism, etc.) upon our children. Pumsy (a dragon): In Pursuit of Excellence (a self-esteem course used in the elementary grades) and DUSO (a dolphin) are only two examples of many. These entities, through
visualization and guided imagery, become the child’s ever-present inner guides to be called upon for problem-solving and miraculous help. The techniques taught to children in public schools are similar to those used by witch doctors for contacting the “spirit guides” (demons) that give them their power.

Even non-Christian parents are up in arms about the harmful effects of these courses. Yet similar visualization techniques are rampant in Christian schools and churches, while the errors of self-esteem are promoted by Christian psychologists.

Whether one’s concern is the moral decline or the invasion of paganism, the major influence in effecting such changes in our schools and society comes from psychology. Investigative reporter Martin L. Gross warned in his book “The Psychological Society” that “the nature of our civilization [has been altered] beyond recognition. The major agent of change has been modern
psychology…an international colossus whose professional minions number in hundreds of thousands….Its experimental animals are an obliging, even grateful human race.” Gross’s analysis continues:

We live in a civilization in which, as never before, man is preoccupied with Self….As the Protestants ethics has weakened in Western society, the confused citizen has turned to the only alternative he knows: the psychological expert who claims there is a new scientific standard of behavior to replace fading traditions….This new truth is fed to us continuously from birth to the grave….

The schoolhouse has become a vibrant psychological center, staffed…by [tens thousands of] guidance workers and school psychologists whose ‘counseling’ borders on therapy…[P]erfectibility [of human behavior] was once sought through the intervention of God, but is now accomplished by supposed scientific adjustment of the psyche….

It is now apparent that the Judeo-Christian society in which psychology began its ascendancy is atrophying under the massive impact of …modern psychology….When educated man lost faith in formal religion, he required a substitute belief…[to replace] Christianity….Psychology and psychiatry…offer mass belief, a promise of a better future, opportunity for confession, unseen mystical workings and a trained priesthood of helping professionals devoted to servicing the paying-by-the-hour communicants.

The traditional concept of sin is becoming obsolete…[and] the medico-psychological concept of sick has replaced it almost intact. We now speak glibly of murderers …as being ‘sick’ or ‘neurotic’….Freud’s atheistic ideas have paradoxically [influenced] ministers, priests and rabbis [who] now flock to courses in pastoral counseling….Only psychology, we are told, can
divine our secret motivations and reveal the elusive ‘why’ of the strange human animal….to egocentric modern man, the prospect of Self instead of God seated a the center of a world philosophical system is exquisitely attractive.

The university has been invaluable in spreading the new gospel…[and] the popular communications industry…[has made] the jargon of psychology the currency of an entire civilization….Natural emotions such as outrage, despair, grief, jealousy, suspicion, disappointment and passing depression are made to appear not only undesirable but abnormal….The new Society flourishes on the belief that human technology can remake man as effortlessly as a computerized assembly line…offering its techniques as the hope for a scientific Utopia.

Our children are being inexorably molded into the amoral citizens of humanism’s fantasied Utopia. Paul warned that “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse” (2 Tim 3:13).We are seeing that prophecy fulfilled before our eyes. Today’s children face world far more evil and occultic than their parents could even have imagined a few years ago. Be warned!

In spite of all the protests parents may voice, the change agents are determined and will continue to press their agenda under the guise of “health education” or even “history” or “literature.” Parents need to: 1) have family devotions daily and teach their children to know Christ personally and be fully committed to Him; 2) see that their children are believers in and followers of the Lord out of genuine choice and not due to parental or church pressure to conform; 3) see that their children’s honest questions are answered and that they know what they believe and why on the basis of God’s Word; 4) know fully what they are being taught at school (public or Christian), and arm them to stand against what is wrong, and if necessary (particularly in the case of very young children), remove them from classes or programs calculated to undermine their faith and morals; 5) carefully supervise friendships, activities and other influences upon their lives which can be as
deadly as public school influences; 6) pray earnestly to God for wisdom; 7) love their children fervently; 8) be ready at all times with godly counsel, patiently and lovingly shared.

Christian schools once seemed the answer, but they are increasingly infiltrated with psychological/occultic techniques. Depending upon circumstances. home schooling may be the only hope–but even that all to quickly comes to an end. The day inevitably arrives when the teenager must enter university or trade school in order to qualify for many professions and positions. Eventually everyone must step out into the world to be exposed to the enemy’s raw tactics. Christian employment or attendance at a Christian university is not always possible–and even there the influenced of psychology and immorality is often rampant.

At Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, for example, Psych 200 is required of all students. The course text has been “Introduction to Psychology” by Atkinson, Atkinson, Smith and Hilgard. That book boasts that psychology has been able to redefine morals for society, even changing what was once viewed as perversion to normal. It treats humans as highly evolved animals, promotes situation ethics and neither acknowledges God nor sin. It exalts self and legitimizes sodomy. A student writes, “I have completed the entire General Psychology course [with] grade of A (I add this to show that I closely listened to and studied the material presented) and never heard the professor even once, to my recollection, correct the false, devilish, unbiblical claims of the textbook.”

The situation is virtually the same at other Christian colleges. Even seminaries, and not just the liberal ones such as Fuller, but those with conservative reputations such as Talbot (now thoroughly integrated, like Biola, with Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology), promote the false gospel of psychology.

Sound doctrine is the only anchor for our faith and that of our families. Unfortunately, sound doctrine is increasingly neglected in favor of clever sermonettes and entertaining programs that appeal to the flesh. While many evangelicals still oppose evils such as homosexuality, abortion and pornography in secular society, few are wiling to stand against error inside the church. Yet without sound doctrine, everything eventually is corrupted.

Lacking a firm doctrinal foundation, the church is being seduced into conformity with the world in subtle ways that inevitably lead to ever more serious compromise and error. Weep for your children, indeed–and take prayerful, decisive, Biblical steps to rescue them from both this present evil world and from apostate “Christianity”!

March 1993
Reprinted by Permission