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Kingdom Help Ministries

“Seasoned Apostolic ministry best describes the anointed ministry of evangelists Ronnie and Teresa Cupstid,” said Pastor Rick Hughes, Oklahoma district secretary and pastor of Victory Worship Center in Ponca City, Oklahoma. “This classy, powerful couple brings much to the table in both evangelistic and pastoral ministry to the churches they minister in. Their sage wisdom is a blessing. They are truly Apostolic, full of faith, operating in the gifts of the Spirit. People just fall in love with them. And, while ministering to our church, they blessed us with their professional painting and remodeling skills. We were totally blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of their work.”

The Cupstids are based out of Parkway Church, pastored by Bro. Jerry Dillon in Madison, Mississippi, a neighboring pastor for 25 years. Feeling the call back to the evangelistic field, they resigned their church, sold their home and have been evangelizing for five years. Bro. Cupstid has been licensed with the UPCI for 40 years. Years of experience in pastoring has given the Cupstids insight as to what pastors go through, and God opens doors for them to strengthen pastors and their families.

Kingdom Help Ministries was birthed out of a desire and burden to minister to North American missionaries in a unique way. Bro. Cupstid explained, “While preaching is my heartbeat, I am a builder by trade. If these small churches have remodel projects or repair jobs, we donate our carpentry skills and labor to do those projects while we are there. That’s why we call our ministry Kingdom Help Ministries. Many churches can’t afford a contractor. If they can afford the materials, they pay us to preach, and we do the projects. We’ve done several jobs, including a remodel of a foyer, enlarging a foyer, kitchens, and painting, etc.”

The Cupstids help facilitate the annual TAC (The Apostolic Conference) at Parkway Church, hosted by Pastors Jerry and Jason Dillon. The conference paid the entire expenses of over 100 North American missionaries, including those from seven provinces of Canada to attend the conference last year. Home missions’ pastors get the red-carpet treatment and are strengthened and encouraged at TAC.

“We were invited to Canada by some North American missionaries,” said Bro. Cupstid. “But some didn’t have the funds for us to come. I sat down with Pastor Rob Wyatt at Paseo Apostolic church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and told him I had never asked for money and didn’t know what to do. To our surprise, he got up the next Sunday and raised our budget in one week’s time that would take care of our entire trip and time in Canada. We go to Canada in July.”

The Cupstids have seen many miracles while on the evangelistic field. One minister’s wife with 4th stage colon cancer had undergone radiation and chemotherapy but nothing worked. Her colon was full of polyps. After being prayed for, the doctor performed a colonoscopy. There was no trace of cancer, not even in her blood, and the doctor said her colon looked like a baby’s colon.

Also, they’ve seen tumors disappear and brain cancer healed. “Many of our revivals have been repeat revivals,” said Bro. Cupstid. “But while there are stories of miracles and healings from 50 years ago, I asked myself, ‘Where is the God of Elijah today?’ I want to tell the people it is happening now.”

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