Let’s Do This!


By Gayle Foster

Unfortunately, “someday” is not a day of the week. No matter how healthy you may be, there is always room for improve-ment—starting now.

This fascinating journey of a healthy lifestyle has been filled with unexpected detours that no one could navigate but me. It’s a personal journey that only I can take. To be honest with you, pain was my inspiration and motivator for taking the road less traveled of natural health.

Change starts today—right now! What we pour into our cups and place on our plates has a direct impact on our future: 1) How long will we live? and 2) What quality of life will we have? We can learn from the past and look to the future.

The knowledge I’ve gained came through desperation, trial, and error. I was so sick I didn’t know if I needed an urologist, gynecologist, or cardiologist. At a young age, grim news left me stressed out and standing waist-deep in self-pity.

Our health suffers from lifestyles full of packaged, refined, highly processed “dead” food—vitamin enriched with chemicals and synthetic vitamins. Make sure your food is grown on a plant, not made in a plant.

I hope to provide information so you are able to make educated and informed decisions. I offer simple, sensible, focused advice about sound nutrition. Are you overwhelmed by books, articles, and experts each having something different to say? The maze of information will confuse even the so-called “experts.” I follow a health plan from the Bible. This ancient manuscript has been proven through history and confirmed by science. The Levitical bar is my balancing stick, plain and simple.

The Word basically instructs us to eat whole, high quality foods and to cut sugar and starch, to consume green, live foods and veggies, enjoy fresh fruits and nuts, eat clean meats in small portions, drink pure water, move, and be merry! Once you begin to enjoy all the benefits fresh veggies, fruit, grains, and herbs provide, the next step is to make the most of your newfound knowledge. These foods are cheaper and safer, and you feel better and live longer. It’s a life investment.

The most wonderful thing about eating well is that it is easy. It really is just as simple to reach for an apple as it is to open a bag of Oreos or Lay’s potato chips (fast foods). Eating fresh foods helps maintain a strong immune system.

God never made anybody perfect so that qualifies me: I’m perfectly imperfect! I had felt bad for so long that when I started breaking bad habits and changing my lifestyle, I could not believe how good I could (and was supposed to) feel! When we look and feel our very best while getting the most out of life, God can get the most out of our lives.

No matter how grim your situation, no matter how bad the doctor’s report sounds or how bad you feel right now, there is hope. Don’t give up. If you’re sick, don’t own that label: “my diabetes,” “my cancer,” “my high blood pressure.” Don’t claim it! It doesn’t belong to you. Small measures make big differences. Look to God’s Word and discover health for body, soul, and spirit. Shed the past to free the future. Eating right is not a restriction; it liberates. No, we can’t live forever, but with a healthy lifestyle every minute we live can be more enjoyable.

Let’s do this!

The above article, “Let’s Do This!” is written by Gayla Foster. The article was excerpted from Reflections Magazine.

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