Letter to a New Convert

Dear Friend,

Now that you have started a BRAND-NEW LIFE, you will want to become more acquainted with your BEST FRIEND, JESUS CHRIST.

We are a Bible-Believing church with Bible-Centered Ministries, all of which, from the school ministry, revolve around the person of the Bible, JESUS CHRIST. He is not only the Light of the World, but the
Light of our Lives Personally. I, as your pastor, also want to become a close friend to, you.

There may be some areas in your New Life that will be brand new to you, namely; prayer, fasting, reading your Bible, family devotion, going to church regularly. We have, at SOUTH BAY PENTECOSTAL CHURCH, several ministries that will help you grow in these areas, causing your New Life to become a LIFE OF TREMENDOUS JOY. We have Home Bible Study, Phillipino Fellowship, New Life Class, Singles Ministry and many more. I encourage you to get involved and be a part. Call to find out more

Let me say that I am excited with you about your NEW BEGINNING. If I can be of any help at any time please do not hesitate to call me or if unable to contact me, call one of our other ministers at our church.

God Bless You! See you next service.


Pastor Hodges


(The above letter was written by Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III, of South Bay Pentecostal Church)

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