New Convert Care Altar Card

Tim Massengale


The altar card is the permanent record for the New Convert Care director on each new convert (see sample card at the end of file). This should be filed, usually by punching holes in the card and
placing it in a small 5×7 binder. The back of the card is basically an information and responsibility check list for all of the various aspects of New Convert Care. As it plainly states, ” Do Not Check Unless Verified.” Take nothing for granted. That is the purpose of establishing New Convert Care: to insure everything is done.

Each month, the Care Director should go through the cards, keeping in mind the date that their care began, and see what is yet to be done. Items on the front concerning First Night Counseling and
receiving their New Converts Booklet and Tape should have already been done when they get the card. If not, insure it is done as soon as possible. On the back, items like: “New Converts Letter sent,” “Care Partner Letter sent,” and “Received Baptismal and Holy Ghost Certificates” should be completed and verified as soon as possible.

The new convert then needs to be assigned to a Care Partner, home Bible study instructor (usually the same person) and enrolled in the New Life Class. These two types of instruction should be started within a week or two after conversion (at the very latest!) Make sure you write in the Care Partner’s phone number. You will be calling them each month to ask about the convert’s spiritual condition.

There are twelve spaces given for dinner ministry hosts. You may need more room than this. Additional cards can be attached or you can use the “Comments” area if you wish. This way you will not duplicate your monthly host assignments.

Hopefully, the new convert will complete the home Bible study and New Life Class. A graduation certificate should be given to them during a church service. Completion date should be noted and then
check up top that they received their certificates.

The last item on top is for the talent forms. After they have completed the Physical Gifts Quiz and the A.C.T.S. church ministries form, work to involve them in a church ministry and an outreach ministry – both areas are important. Put their starting dates and the name of the director of that ministry. This is so
that you can check back periodically about their status of involvement. One of the first danger signals of a person backsliding is that they will drop out of involvement.

In conclusion, you need to realize that the Altar Card is the most important tool of the entire New Convert Care system. Without this, there is nothing to get the process rolling. It is only by filling out this card that it becomes possible to photocopy (if you do not have a photocopier, make some duplicate forms with carbon paper in between) and give copies to all the ministries that make up the new convert care support system. Failure to fill it out means that nothing will begin. Therefore, it is critical that several people feel the responsibility of insuring that it is completed and that First Night Counseling is done. The pastor should train several people to help with this responsibility. This is especially true during a major revival when a lot is happening around the altar and many are receiving the Holy Ghost, even while others are being baptized. The New Convert Care Director is ultimately responsible, but this director will need help. Training an altar staff is vital if this ministry is to succeed.

Altar Cards should be collected each service and a photocopy made to give to the following individuals, that same service is possible:

a. Home Bible Study Director – To start H.B.S. immediately (if not already going.)

b. New Life Class Instructor – To contact and enroll them in the class that same week.

c. Church Secretary – To add them to the church records and mailing list, send New Converts Welcome Letter, and the Care Partner Responsibility Letter.

d. Visitor Follow-up Director – To have members drop by and visit them each week.

e. Ladies Auxiliary, or Men’s Fellowship, or Youth – To involve them in fellowship and activities (which department depends on age and/or gender.

f. Public Relations Director – To put a welcome note and picture in the church bulletin and on the main church bulletin board.

g. Sunday School Director – To insure that both the new convert and the converts’ children are enrolled in Sunday School properly.

h. Prayer Ministry Director – To assign each convert a prayer partner.

i. Care Partner – To set up the first Dinner Ministry date for the next week.

k. Pastor – To visit that week and encourage, counsel, and inform them that “we care.” Will give a Member’s packet.

l. Other departments – as needed.

All altar cards should be checked to insure that the information on the back is completed in full. All records should be accurate and up to date.

Front of card



Date Repented __________ Baptized in Jesus Name __________

Holy Ghost __________ Refilled __________

Today’s Date _____________________________________________________

Name _____________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City _________________________________ Zip ___________________

Phone ________________________________ Birthday ______________

Married? _______ Spouse’s Name __________________________________

Friends or Relatives in Church ___________________________________

Person(s) who brought them to the Lord ___________________________

Outreach ministries used to reach or contact them ________________
________________________________________________ H.B.S.? _________

First Night Counseling By ________________________________________

Booklet/Tape Given? ______________________________________________


_______ Needs Home Bible Study

_______ Call & enroll in New Life Course

_______ Needs “drop-in” encouragement visits

_______ Send Letter(s) & add to mailing list

_______ Contact & Encourage Involvement

_______ Other _____________________________________

Back of card


_______ New Converts Letter Sent

_______ Received Baptismal/Holy Ghost Certificate

_______ New Life Class Graduation Certificate

_______ Care Partner Letter Sent

_______ Home Bible Study Graduation Certificate

_______Talent Form Completed

Care Partner __________________________________ Phone ____________

Home Bible Study Instructor ______________________________________

Started _______________________ Completed ____________________

New Convert Course Instructor ____________________________________

Started _______________________ Completed ____________________

Monthly Dinner Ministry Hosts

1) __________________ 5) __________________ 9) _________________
2) __________________ 6) __________________ 10) ________________
3) __________________ 7) __________________ 11) ________________
4) __________________ 8) __________________ 12) ________________

Outreach Ministry Involvement ____________________________________

Started _______________________ Director _____________________

Church Ministry Involvement ______________________________________

Started _______________________ Director _____________________


(The above material was taken from Total Church Growth.)

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