Ministries Unlimited (Newsletter 5-1) – Apostolic News

Ministries Unlimited

The possibilities are endless and the reward is immeasurable. When you serve your community and bless others, God will in return pour out blessings upon you that you cannot even contain! “Started in 1979 as a way to help the less fortunate at Christmas, Ministries Unlimited is now a year round ministry serving over 300 people monthly,” said Bro. Brian Bradshaw, President of the organization.

Ministries Unlimited blesses the less fortunate in the community of Troy, Illinois by offering a food pantry two days a week as well as a concentrated Christmas Drive every year. “Perhaps the greatest impact is made at Christmas,” said Bro. Bradshaw, “when the community blesses those who otherwise would not have an enjoyable holiday season. Names of the less fortunate are turned in to the office on the weekend before Christmas and the families are then blessed with boxes filled with food and bags of gifts for their children. The first year for this effort was 1979 when four families were blessed. This past Christmas, 2018, 169 boxes of food were distributed, blessing 335 adults and 311 children.”

Additionally, two years ago, Ministries Unlimited partnered with seven churches in Troy to fund a Summer Lunch Program. “Ministries Unlimited contributes $1,000 per church to assist the church with the feeding program,” explains Bro. Bradshaw. “Churches take one day each week, Monday-Friday, during summer vacation for the school district, and provides lunch for the children. The locations served are a local neighborhood park as well as the town Library. On Friday each week, a backpack filled with food is provided to cover the weekends. This summer, 4,978 lunches were served with over 200 backpacks given away as well.”

The ministry continues to expand and the impact upon the community is visible. “A Ministries Unlimited Prayer Breakfast, for the National Day of Prayer, May 7, 2020, is being planned,” said Bro. Bradshaw. “I had the honor of serving on previous planning committees for this breakfast, and was honored to be one of the prayer leaders each year for the Mayoral prayer Breakfast. There is a positive vibe for Ministries Unlimited to lead the prayer breakfast this coming year. On another note, I have also been asked to serve as an ambassador for our chamber of Commerce, and I have personally been a member of the local Rotary here in Troy.”

Ministries Unlimited is staffed by volunteers and the local churches, clergy, and the schools. Businesses and other civic organizations make donations throughout the year including but not limited to: cash, toys, food, and gift cards. “While these efforts are ecumenical and individual churches do not advertise or promote themselves, we are confident that God is being glorified through the efforts of our united community,” said Bro. Bradshaw. “Furthermore, through our community involvement as well as our acceptance of leadership positions, our church, The Pentecostal’s of Troy, is highly visible in our community and we are excited about what God is and will continue to do through this vital ministry.”

Brian Bradshaw
The Pentecostals of Troy
Troy, Illinois