Lesson Eight The Evangelist’s Conduct (Newsletter 5-1)

Lesson Eight
The Evangelist’s Conduct

Watch his attitudes
Must remain cheerful and thankful despite conditions
Never complain/be critical despite conditions
Remember God is providing for him
Must maintain a spirit of humility/cooperation with pastor

Manner of Dress
Watch his manner of dress
Dress to be conservative and attractive
Be neat, tidy and well groomed
Hair cut and be clean shaven
Appearance must exalt Jesus Christ!

Be able to handle finances
Should keep out of debt
Remember a vehicle is a means of transportation
Have a clear understanding with pastor in regards to finance before accepting invitation
All offerings should be reported to the Pastor

Keeping His Word
Be prepared to keep his word
Must know how to schedule services
Must pray and consult pastor before canceling or postponing any services

He must not listen to criticism of the pastor
He must not interfere in the affairs of the church
He must not accept any invitations to visit the saints without the pastor’s permission
He must not carry news and gossip to the next church