Ministry Resources: Issue 29-5


Issue 29-5


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Home Bible Studies
o Keep Your Bible Study Group Off-Balance 
o Mentoring That Won’t Work on Christian Millennials

o Some Thoughts on Waiting on God
o 10 Ways to Challenge and Stretch Your Faith

o Why You Need a Ministry Partner
o Things Learned with Time

o Why You Should Smile While Leading Worship
o Why Songs of Lament Are Important to Cultivating Spiritual Depth

New Convert
o Who is This Child?
o 7 Reasons to Assign Seats in Fellowship Hall

o Staying on Point
o Your Labor is Not in Vain

o 8 Dangers of Church Revitalization
o How Individualism Corrupts the Church Mission

o Evangelism Methods & Ideas
o 9 Ways to Make Social Media More Christian

Sunday School
o 4 Reasons Why Kids Make Great Evangelists
o 5 Visible Ways to Show Your Church Is Working to Keep Kids Safe

Churches Worry They Can’t Reach Young Adults Full of Questions
o Is This The Most Important Principle In Team Leadership?