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Mirror Image – God’s Idea of Beauty

“We as Apostolic women do not have to be ashamed for displaying our gender identity through a modest, discreet, and feminine appearance,” says Sis. Sylvia Ferrin of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She and her husband, Evangelist Bill Ferrin, have been in full time ministry for over twenty years. They are AIMers and have served four appointments to the Middle East to date.

Sis. Ferrin has authored eight excellent books, including her first Bible study, Finally Free. Her latest book, Mirror Image, addresses the topics of beauty, body image, gender values, aging, modesty and feminist ideology. It combines history and logic, along with Biblical principles to explain why Apostolic women do not cut their hair and why they wear skirts and dresses, rather than pants. It emphasizes the importance of displaying a woman’s unique gender identity through her clothing and hair. “The book details how the media plays a huge role in defining our concept of beauty and why we should replace the world’s values with God’s values,” says Sis. Ferrin. “I wrote Mirror Image to help ladies embrace their natural unique God-given beauty.” Sis. Ferrin grew up in the church. Being very interested in these topics, she wanted to understand, Biblically, why Apostolic women do what they do. She has captured the answers to these topics through her book Mirror Image that was developed through years of much prayer, study and research.

“Mirror Image is suitable for ladies, teenage girls, seasoned saints and new converts,” says Sis. Ferrin. “It’s vital that Apostolic women clearly understand the value of modesty, discretion and gender values, especially at a time when gender confusion is being normalized by society. Just because most of America rejects God’s ideal woman doesn’t mean we have to do the same. God’s idea of beauty is definitely not the world’s idea of beauty. We need to accept only God’s idea of beauty.”

Although the book was released less than a month ago, she is already receiving positive feedback. Ladies who have begun the study emphasize the need for this information to be taught and shared. Two mothers purchased the book to go through with their teenage daughters. She has received very positive feedback from pastor’s wives as well.

The Workbook and Discussion Guide for the book contains 12 lessons, making it ideal for ladies groups. It can be used as a personal study, one-on-one with a friend, in small groups and even in book clubs. Each lesson contains six segments: Key Verse, Study Questions, Looking in the Mirror, Discussion Points, Prayer Time and Personal Reflections. The workbook helps a woman to process and apply the information found in Mirror Image to her own personal life.

“When ladies are finished reading Mirror Image,” says Sis. Ferrin, “My goal is for them to look into their mirrors without fixating on their flaws or feeling badly, because they do not look like someone else.” They can confidently say, “I am beautiful in God’s sight!” They should never again feel second-rate or unacceptable.

There are three options for ordering Mirror Image: www.magnifytheword.com, www.mkt.com/FerrinBookstore, and www.pentecostalpublishing.com. Mirror Image is $18.00. The Workbook and Discussion Guide is $12.00.