Neighborhood Prayer Watch


For over forty years the pastor of the Pentecostals of Alexandria have carried a tremendous burden for the lost and hurting of this
city. The Neighborhood Prayer Watch ministry began with a vision to reach the cities served by our church.

In October of 1991 – a small group of church members began to meet regularly- to pray and seek God to obtain His strategy to help bring this vision into reality. As a result of much prayer and fasting, an increased burden for our cities was planted in the
hearts of the saints.

As we continued to seek God concerning this matter God began to answer. Looking back it is so clear and yet amazing how God
revealed this ministry step by step. He did not reveal his plan to just one individual in the group but to many which served to unify us all the more.

In summary the Lord Jesus Christ gave a group of praying people a vision, a burden for that vision and the mechanics necessary to accomplish the vision.

The Neighborhood Prayer Watch ministry became a success as the people of the Pentecostals of Alexandria gave of their time and

The mechanics of the Neighborhood Prayer Watch ministry are very simple. Any group of praying people that have a desire and a
burden to reach their city can be successful in establishing this ministry as a part of their total outreach plan for their community.

We hope and pray that it will be useful to you, understanding of course, that you will have to alter the information to meet the
particular needs of your church and your city.



To establish “Militant” prayer groups throughout our community who regularly pray for their neighborhood.

ISAIAH 54:2-3

“Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: Spare not, lengthen thy cords, and
strengthen thy stakes:”

“For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left: and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities
to be inhabited.”

Examining this chapter in its entirety, we find a number of benefits. Such as

* Stretching out our boundaries
* Possessing our possessions


Interceding for our neighborhood and the people who live there can produce the following:

1. Bring blessings upon families – “and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles”

2. Reverse the damaging and ravaging results of sin, break Satan’s strong holds, and bring honor to God!

3. Banish the shameful things of the past, as it is the desire of God to bless people.

4. Transform “Disgraced” people and circumstances by reason of God’s divine intervention.

Specific Prayers:

We want to pray regularly for the boundaries of God’s blessing to extend from our CHURCH and our HOMES – to “crowd back the
darkness” around them!

1. We will pray that the Lord will soften people’s hearts to receive him.

2. We will pray that God will put us in contact with people we can help and give a TRUE witness of who Jesus really is!

3. We will pray for conviction for sin and honesty of heart to take hold of people and if they become disturbed to the point that
they move to another area they will face the same “SPIRIT OF THE LORD” (prayer power) dealing with them!

4. We will pray for God’s peace and protection (safety).

5. We will pray for PROSPERITY as God’s blessing upon us so that we many be able to accomplish THE GREAT COMMISSION.


In deciding to conquer a city one must first of all acquire knowledge of that city concerning those portions already conquered
and those remaining to be conquered.

The following method was utilized to obtain this knowledge.

(1) Names, addresses and phone numbers were collected from all church members that were interested in participating in the
Neighborhood Prayer Watch ministry.

(2) A large up-to-date map of our city was obtained. A glass case was constructed for the map and was hung on the wall in our prayer room. (The map could be presented in many other ways depending on your preference)

(3) Once all names and address information was collected, it was developed into two master lists (can be done manually or on

(a) One alphabetical master list

(b) One numerical master list (each member was assigned a number)

(4) Next the location of each member on the city map was posted. The following items were used for this task:

(a) Pins (1/2″ in length)

(b) Small red plastic flags that fit over the pins.

(c) Tiny white stickers (member numbers typed on each) placed on flags

Once the map is complete this increases knowledge considerably regarding where members are positioned. Now you can see where your SOLDIERS are and how much of your city has already been conquered and how much remains to be conquered. In other words the land that you desire to possess becomes more visible and focused.


As soon as the city map(s) is developed revealing the position of all church members desiring to participate in this ministry then
the city can be divided into smaller areas. The number of areas will be determined by many factors such as size, number of involved church members, etc.

You may not be able to divide the entire city into areas initially particularly if your church is small and your city is large.
However, start with what you do have and move out.


Assign an area captain for each area (hopefully the area captains will be part of the initial prayer group but this might not always
be the case). Provide the area captains with the following:

1) City map

2) Enlarged map of their area

3) List of church members in their area with addresses and phone numbers of each.

4) List of streets in their area

5) List of names and addresses of all people (other than church members) living in their area. Most cities of any size have access
to a city directory. The directory can be purchased, or checked-out of the city library. Copy pages containing information for particular streets for each area.

If there is no available city directory, the local utility company is usually fairly cooperative in providing such information.
Another resource would be the parish or county courthouse. They are usually helpful in providing maps. In addition, you should be able to purchase a list of registered voters in your area, if necessary.

6) A folder for each participating church member in their area. “The folder obviously can be individualized to meet the specific
needs of your church and/or city.

7) Adequate amounts of doorhangers, stickers, cards, buttons, etc. (It is probably best to distribute these weekly to aid church in
knowing how many to order.)

Responsibilities of Area Captains Are As Follows:


1) Contact all team members to set up initial meeting explaining the basics of the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” Ministry.

At this initial meeting area captains can hand out folders and briefly review each page in folder.

Team members can see the parameters of their area.

Team members can be asked to start meeting at the church (if they are not already doing so) with group that has been praying weekly.

Area captain can request team members to begin the following:

a) Lay hands on their area map daily for 5 minutes of prayer for their neighborhood. It may be helpful if team members can agree on the same time each day to go to their knees in prayer. Members could also choose a specific day to fast in unity and/or to take a
prayer shift at the church for their neighborhood.

b) Pray for their neighborhood daily as they drive or walk through the streets every day.

c) Pray that God will enable them to become more sensitive to the specific needs of their neighborhood.


2. Area captains are expected to partially fill out Home Contact Report Forms for each team member (this may be time consuming for the captain but avoids confusion and gives team members exactly what homes they are responsible for contacting.)

4703 West S. Cupples |
Garden |
4704 West J. Hill |
Garden |
4705 West F. Jones |
Garden |
Area Captain Fills Out |Team Members Fill These Out

At this second meeting, captains should have prepared Home Contact Report Forms for each team member. Suggestions: It seems best to prepare only what team members can accomplish in 1 week – setting time limits of completion date: very important.

Area captains need to decide on date and place for team members to turn completed forms in to them.

At this time, enough doorhangers, stickers, etc., to complete Home Contact Report Forms are distributed to each team member with instructions concerning how to distribute.

NOTE: Prior to distributing Home Contact Report Forms to team members, 2 copies need to be made: 1 copy for team member; 1 copy for area captains; church keeps original copy for future use.


Doorhangers are given to every home contacted regardless of whether there is a personal contact. This will leave every home
with the purpose of the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch”, the name of the church member, several phone numbers to call for prayer request (Note: for those neighbors desiring to have their requests remain anonymous, the bottom portion of the doorhanger can be torn off and mailed to the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” post office box.)


Leave stickers with every neighbor that supports the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch”. Encourage neighbors to place stickers on the
windows of their home or their vehicles. (NOTE: the stickers do not have a church name printed on them.)


To be used at those times where “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” church members meet anyone in a setting other than their neighborhood. Can be carried in purse or wallet. Again, bottom portion of card can be torn off and mailed in to the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” post office box to maintain anonymity.

Additional Tips for Success

1) Sometimes, very effective and efficient for area captain to have all team members meet together at designated place for a few
minutes of prayer, prior to going out in neighborhood. Team members are then asked to report back to the same place in 1-3
hours to turn in results.

2) Remind church members that they don’t have to witness, they don’t have to know scripture upon scripture – they don’t have to
teach a Bible study – they don’t have to ask anyone to church – all they have to do is reach out and offer friendship – tell them
we care – we are praying for you – call us if you need special prayer.


The primary purpose of this meeting is to review the prior week’s work. Team members will have gone out by now and therefore they will have results to report, experiences to share, questions to ask and possibly suggestions to offer.

Again, area captains will have filled out for team members addresses they are to visit in the coming week, along with materials they might need.

At the end of MEETING #3, area captain can tally up totals on Home Contact Sheet and call in the report to person designated to be the coordinator of the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” Ministry (we used every Friday). In addition, all prayer requests for each area need to be turned in to a designated place for this purpose.

Then, every Wednesday night following the reports on Friday, the coordinator places all prayer requests in sealed envelope listing
number of prayer requests received and number of homes contacted. These requests are anointed with oil by the minister and held before the congregation to be prayed over each Wednesday night.


1. Button (please wear at all times when visiting)

2. Doorhangers

3. Window stickers

4. Prayer cards

5. Map of your area

6. List of addresses you are to visit

7. Prayer request report form

8. Home contact report form

9. What to say

10. Sample questions and suggested answers

11. Purpose of this ministry

12. Suggested prayer

When and where to go, how to go, what to wear, report forms and instructions concerning these forms will be provided for you from your area captain.


1. To form neighborhood prayer watch groups in our neighborhoods that regularly pray for the needs of our neighborhoods.

2. To tell our neighbors that we are praying for them and for our cities.

3. To ask our neighbors to join us in the prayer watch (praying in their own way).

4. To give them our name (or a name and phone number to call if they have a prayer request).

WHAT TO SAY (suggested)

Hello, I’m _________________ and, I live on _______________ Street! For the last few months I’ve been involved in a prayer group that has been praying for our city, I along with others have been praying specifically for the safety, health, happiness and personal needs of every family in our very own neighborhood.

Perhaps you have read or seen some of the publicity promoting a “Neighborhood Prayer Watch.” You know and I know that there is tremendous power in prayer and especially in united prayer. I would invite you to join me in “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” for our city and more specifically for our neighborhood.

If you have a personal need, here is a doorhanger with my name and telephone number. All you have to do is call me at any time and our “Neighborhood Prayer Watch” will pray for your personal needs and watch God perform it. If you would rather mail in your personal request, just tear off the bottom of the doorhanger and drop it in the mail.

If you would like to be a part of the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch”, this sticker can be placed in a window of your home or your car. This does not obligate you in any way to a particular church by joining as in the “Neighborhood Prayer Watch”.


1. Q: Where do you have prayer meetings?

A: We are praying individually in our houses and as we drive through the streets of our neighborhood. We have group neighborhood prayer watch prayer meetings every Thursday evening at the church from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.

2. Q: Will you come to my house to pray?

A: Yes

3. Q: Can I join your prayer group?

A: Yes

4. Q: Do I have to become a Pentecostal?

A: No

5. Q: Will prayer help me overcome _______________?

A: Yes. Would you like us to pray for that need?

6. Q: I’ve been praying for _________ and nothing has changed –

A: Details take time, but there is power in unified prayer.
We’ll pray together for this need.

7. Q: What obligations follow giving a prayer request?

A: None. However, it would be good to hear the results of our prayer.

8. Q: Will you come back again and again?

A: Only at your request.

9. Q: How can I help this purpose without becoming Pentecostal?

A: We are not praying to become Pentecostal. We want you to join in prayer for our neighborhood and our community.

10. Q: Is this like the Mormons and Jehovah Witness?

A: No

11. Q: Will prayer be available 24 hours a day?

A: Yes

12. Q: Do you have a printed information listing special prayer that can be prayed for specific situations?

A: We will be glad to provide these for you.

13. Q: What if I want my prayer request to be kept in confidence?

A: We can help you word your request such that confidence will be maintained. You can also tear off the bottom portion of our
doorhanger and mail in your request anonymously.

14. Q: When prayer request are given, will they be prayed for one time only, or, will there be continuous prayer for the request?

A: There will be ongoing prayer for all requests.

15. Q: What if my prayer request involves someone that does not live in this neighborhood?

A: If it concerns you, we will still pray for the request. Prayer can go anywhere that God can go.


1. State your position – speak out loud. (In every war, there is usually a declaration of war. We as a people are declaring war on
the enemy (Satan). Our goal is to take our possessions back from the enemy.)

Lay hands on the map of your designated area and claim every life for the kingdom of Jesus Christ in Jesus Name.

Walk alone or with someone, or drive your entire area.

a) Claim the entire area/territory for Jesus Christ.

b) Pray the following prayer for each and every home in your area. (Note: This is a suggested prayer format – you can individualize.)

2. Take power and authority: activate the weapons of our spiritual warfare.


I take power and authority over this (home, street, neighborhood, etc.) in the name of Jesus Christ.

I plea the blood of Jesus over this home, etc. I bind any evil forces that are operating against this home, etc., in the name of Jesus.

I command these evil forces to leave this home, etc. and return to the pits of hell from whence they came, in the name of Jesus. I
command these evil forces to stay in hell and not return to this home, etc. in the name of Jesus.

I loose the power of the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ to rule and reign in this home, etc., in the name of Jesus.

I loose the will of Jesus Christ to come to pass in every life in this home, etc., in the name of Jesus.

I call upon the mighty Angelic Forces of the Lord Jesus Christ to assist in this battle in the name of Jesus.

I call upon the Angels of Jesus Christ to station themselves all around the outside of this home, etc., and above it and to be in
every room and to protect it from any attack of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ.

Before you pray for other homes, pray this prayer over your own home and family.


Area Captain ____________________________________________

Name of Church Member(s) ________________________________________________________________

___________________________________|______Material Delivered______
Street|Street |Resident’s |Date(s) | Home | Personal |Window |Door
No. | Name | Name |Visited |Contact|Contact |Sticker|Hang
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |___
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |___
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |___


F – Family

M – Marriage

B/F – Business/Financial

SK – Sickness

S – Salvation

O – Other

N – None

|NAME/ADDRESS | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |


Completion of Prayer Request Forms – How to Activate Neighborhood Prayer Watch Prayer Hotline

As prayer requests are called in, team members as well as area captains in each particular area need to be informed and alerted
to pray!!!

The following is a suggested method of how this might be accomplished:

* Incoming Prayer Request – Area Captain

* Area Captain – Team Members #1

Team Member #1 receiving prayer request does the following:

1. Records prayer request on prayer request form in his/her folder

2. Calls area captain and reports prayers request

3. Calls team member #2 assigned to her/him. Then, Team Member #2 calls Team Member #3, etc.

In this way, each Team member receiving request has to make only 2 calls. Other members have to make only one call. Every Team Member, however, needs to record all requests on their prayer request form and pray over these requests every day.


If you would like a complete portfolio including information, forms, and examples of the development and implementation of this
ministry of the Pentecostals of Alexandria, or have any questions please call (318) 487-8976 or write to Neighborhood Prayer Watch, The Pentecostals of Alexandria, P.O. Box 7122, Alexandria, LA 71301.

(The above material was published by The Pentecostals of Alexandria, Alexandria, LA).

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