Six Ways to Enhance Your Campus Ministry


By: J. Mark Jordan

Now that you’ve jumped into campus ministry with both feet, what’s next? Here is a list of ways to broaden your outreach, strengthen your ties with students, and accomplish more spiritual goals in a shorter time.

1. Plan things to do outside of a Bible study or meeting setting. Students need to be treated as whole persons, not just new
converts. Opportunities for ministry often arise that may never happen in a meeting.

2. Spend time with students. Time remains our most valuable asset to give. Books, tracts, magazines, or formal meetings jammed with wonderful information will never equal simple time spent with an individual.

3. Integrate students into the church family. Include them in activities, give them opportunities to express themselves, make sure they never feel awkward or uncomfortable in the church.

4. Set up a one-on-one Bible study right away. Choose a study that will fit the person and the time available, and begin sessions
immediately. A closed Bible benefits no one. Open it up and watch the power of the Word at work.

5. Make students responsible for spiritual growth, for on-campus meetings, advertising, and anything else appropriate for them at
their level. This always has a positive and motivating effect on them.

6. Get saints involved. Some saints can have students over to their homes for dinner. Others can host parties, sponsor recreational activities, take students out to eat, provide transportation to and from church, and many other things. The key is that people must get involved. The church does not each people – people reach people!

Campus ministry works amazingly like any other form of soul winning. Love people, share yourself with them, nurture them in spiritual truths, and exemplify Jesus Christ in every facet of your life. Most techniques that succeed in other field will work in reaching college students too.

(The above material in the March 1993 issue of Pentecostal Herald.)

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