Pastoral Staff Agreement

By Unknown Author

1. The Pastoral Staff (Elders, Assistants, etc.) shall be appointed by the pastor.

2. Duties shall be to assist the pastor in all matters as directed by the pastor.

3. Loyalty to God and man is the foundation that long lasting fellowship is built upon.

Therefore, the obligations of the pastor’s assistants shall be:

1) To lead an exemplary life, including a positive attitude toward the church and its leadership;

2) To meet regularly with Pastor and peers for reporting, goal setting, problem-solving, skill building, and receiving feedback concerning one’s ministry; and, if a licensed minister with the U.P.C.I., to be a faithful participant in called meetings of the same;

3) To maintain unity and work in harmony with the doctrines of the pastor and church. Deviation from this may result in dismissal from all duties for a time or indefinitely ‘as the pastor determines.

4) To not teach, discuss, or allude to publicly or privately with prospects, new converts, or saints of South Bay United Pentecostal Church, personally held doctrines that are divergent to those held and taught by the pastor.

3) To carry out at all times in good faith all assigned, voluntary, or assumed duties.

4) To work in harmony with and respect the work of the other assistants who are ministering; bringing discussion about disagreements to those above one, not those below;

5) To support and comply with the Constitution and By-laws of South Bay United Pentecostal Church, as well as Tithes and Offerings;

6) To understand that any remuneration received shall be at the discretion of the pastor;

7) To give a 30 day written notice to the pastor when wishing to relocate and/or resign from the staff (by mutual agreement the time may be changed);

8) To not think that they are in line to be pastor of South Bay United Pentecostal Church;

9) To first have the pastor’s approval before implementing any church programs or plans personally developed by;

10) To at no time consider starting a Home Missions work in the greater San Diego area;

11) To first confer with the pastor of South Bay United Pentecostal Church before becoming a candidate for any existing church which comes open in the greater San Diego area;

12) To understand these points of agreement may be amended, added to, or deleted as the pastor deems necessary with proper notice of at least 30 days.

It is my desire and practice to uphold the Constitution and ByLaws of South Bay United Pentecostal Church in good faith and to work in harmony with its pastor, leaders, and saints. I will at no time speak, write, or preach in a derogatory manner. I will live and practice life in a manner that will uphold the ministry and be an example to all the church and those around me.

In good faith and by the grace of God, I pledge myself to God, the church, and my pastor for the good of God’s Kingdom.

I enter into this agreement willingly and in the spirit of cooperation.


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