By Steve Allen

Let us reason together, saith the Lord…
Oh Father. I cry…
Where is Thy perfection?
For I look about me and this is what I see…
Imperfection and Falseness seems to be reality,
while Perfection and Righteousness seems to be the fantasy, a myth.
Ever since I was very young –
I grew, with this question strong in my heart.
And I saw a vision,
as I tried to imagine what perfection was…
One way it looked like a jigsaw puzzle –
where all the pieces fit and none missing.
It was the Law of creation I knew,
But I could not describe it –
for all my descriptions seemed to little for something
that contained Everything!
I was frustrated, and I searched for the words
for a long time that would fit.
And I reasoned with my father.
And I was led.
There was indeed much to see,
in order to answer this question.

Before The Beginning…
There was GOD.
The Essence – from which all things are made.
The Father.
Here all things are the same, but
here you can find no difference in him,
as no difference can be found in boundaries.
Here GOD was the potential of all that is to happen.
Here he is the beginning and direction.

In the Beginning…
GOD first cast the void, the abyss,
an emptiness in which to fill.
And GOD spoke.
And the words’ meaning was – I AM.
And the words’ own vibration separated time
from one moment to the next,
and GOD divided himself,
and multiplied,
and filled the void.
GOD created all things – from himself.
He drew boundaries and differences in himself,
all things fitting together
and governed by the laws of creation.
GOD’s Law.
The Perfect Conception.
Laws of coexistence,
opposites and shades.
Laws of combining and separation.
Of selection and proportions,
of reception and reflection.
The law of wholeness and detail.
Laws of cause and effect and laws of balance and reason.
All the laws that would take forever to list!
GOD fathered all things from within.
Here GOD was the Perfect Creation.
And there was no falseness found in him.
Here GOD is truth.
And here is Christ…
The BODY of GOD.
Who was first born.
The Christ, which means the Perfection in All Things.
And here also is the Holy Ghost…
The TRUTH and REASON, the Law who testifies
of Christ, the Perfect Creation.
Who will one day be made man, for a reason.
The HOLY TRINITY, together.

And from the beginning…
GOD knew of the perfection.
And GOD also knew of the imperfection,
in which he had left out.
And it’s name is falseness
and it came from the void,
which in itself is nothing!
But when joined with creation it becomes Mis-conception.
Such as when black is joined with white,
the outcome is gray on top but
to look close you still see a lot of black and white.
The word “Mis” can not be alone – for it is nothing.
Therefore must be joined with something to exist at all.

GOD is everything.
GOD is not False (a lie).
But falseness exists – How can this be?
Falseness is something that is not real…
joined with something that is real.
Certain parts, of a falsehood is based on real things.
GOD is that which is,
the void is that which is not (an emptiness) Gen. 1:2
A lie will contain both.
The very root of lies are – insinuations.
That which tells the exact truth in such a way
as to lead someone to a false conclusion.
A conclusion that was never said.
Falseness can often be spread by accident,
by someone who does not make themself clear.
There are a lot of false elements:
This requires a very close look…
Because each also has some truth!
And GOD gives the gift of Discernment.

GOD knew this potential of falseness from the beginning
and in his wisdom knew it must come to pass.
If man was to be a companion, instead of a puppet.
And he must let it run
its entire path to completion.
And though it leads to destruction,
where all things look lost and the end is death.
GOD tells all who listen
I’m sorry….and this is only a passing thing.
He has given us freedom of choice, and has also
shown us what we must never choose again.
GODs aim is not destruction but Life Everlasting.
And GOD knows what must be done to obtain it.

I will never reason alone
for I now know that there is a reason to all things.
But no one knows the whole story –
For no-one must stop that which must happen
for all to see.

Father – Let us reason together.
as I have many questions to ask…

Computers for Christ – Chicago