To My Dad

To My Dad
By: Marie Smock Montague

My Daddy didn’t say “Goodbye,”
He just said “so long.”
He never liked to say “Goodbye”
Said it seemed so wrong.
Said he’d be coming home again
In just a few short hours.
And then he’d smile and say “so long”
This dear Dad of ours.

Now Daddy’s up in heaven,
Where he won’t have to leave.
He went there because Jesus
His Savior he received.
The last song that I heard him play
On his harmonica
More beautiful than ‘ere before;
The tune of “Home Sweet Home.”

Now we will never say “Goodbye,”
To dear Dad anymore.
For we’ll see him up in heaven
As God has opened the door.
The Way, the Truth, the Life, He said,
Believe these words of mine
I sent my only Son to die,
That you might be with Me.

Dad’s with Him up in heaven,
Just waiting for us there
Where we won’t have to say “so long,”
In answer to our prayer.
We thank thee Lord that we can say
A truth like this today,
For once You’ve come into our hearts