Pointers For Tag-Ins And Monthly Planning Council Meetings

By Unknown Author

I. The Tag-In

A. Compilation of agenda: Church Growth Secretary to accomplish

1. Phrase tag – in questions as closed – ended questions only.

2. Keep simple rotation in department order on agenda.

3. Order tag-ins to accommodate other after-service meetings.

4. Design a tag-in agenda record-keeping code.

5. If Representative is absent – best to indicate that fact in the code column for that week.

6. When a NEW topic is to be addressed to ALL leaders – you should introduce that topic verbally at the Tag-In the week before it is to appear on the Tag-In agenda. This will save confusion.

7. Maintain a section at the top of Agenda for any information to mention to all leaders.

B. Pre-tag-in agenda review to be held with Secretary/Pastor.

1. One or two days prior to tag-in.

2. If necessary, phone call may work.

3. Have agenda in possession when reviewing over the phone.

C. Secretary must make appropriate number of copies of the agenda. (Pastor, Assistant, Secretary)

D. During the tag-in:

1. Have leaders stand, not sit (or else it tends to drag on if their too comfortable).

2. Keep answers to “yes” or “no”, or extremely brief (They must be trained to do this).

3. It’s best to have the Secretary to record the answer on the agenda for the Pastor.

4. Secretary must keep meticulous notations about answers.

a. Make sure that the Secretary is keeping up with the questions.

5. Give priority in tag-in order to those who must leave quick.

6. Tighten the gathering for attention and hearing advantages, speak in a low, normal pitch if at all possible.

7. Observe leader’s promptness to Tag-In, address as necessary at MPC (Best to call them up before dismissal, otherwise it takes 15 minutes to gather them and at that it is MUCH less effective.

8. Ask Secretary to refer necessary topics from Tag-In to MPC agenda when needed.

9. All problems brought to the tag-in should be on Monthly Report, as well. ASK!

E. Weekly tag-ins are a MUST!

1. Every week, regardless, Leaders should know to stay until Tag-In if conducted after a service.

2. Department substitute is mandatory if leader cannot attend tag-in.

3. On or near the platform is usually the best location for the tag-in.

4. Tag-Ins MUST take precedence over any other post service meetings.

F. Immediately following the Tag-In:

1. Scan secretary’s notes for accuracy.

2. Tag-In agenda’s are to be filed consistently. (Keep as long as necessary – about one year?)

II. Monthly Planning Councils – (M.P.C.)

Make the monthly meeting enjoyable (Recognition & some laughter, etc.) so the leaders will WANT to come instead of only feel obligated to!!

While it is true that a Pastor makes many decisions personally, it is good to look for some decisions that you can involve your staff in. It’s obvious that group members will be more committed to a decision reached by consensus than to one settled by majority vote or mandated by one individual. This is a WIN/WIN decision!! Of course, the question persists, “How can I involve those under me in decision-making without giving up my ultimate responsibility and accountability for the final decision?” The key is in the definition of “consensus” that you want all to reach. DEFINITION:
When everyone in the group can buy into (or live with) the decision without feeling compromised in any way (including yourself.) If group cannot develop a solution that you can wholeheartedly support, then you exercise your executive win/lose decision.

A good decision isn’t of much value to a group if few people feel good about it. If you and your committee clearly comprehend that you will have to make the decision by yourself if a win/win solution cannot be developed within the time constraints you set, your group will work harder at developing realistic solutions, and you yourself will not feel that you are being pressured or losing power.

If a win/win solution cannot be found, at least your group understand the issues involved, your position, and the difficulties of making the decision. You thank them for their cooperation and input, and make the decision yourself.

** The Monthly Meetings must be protected from evolving into just a time when dates are placed, and directions given!! This defeats the purpose and effectiveness of the PARTICIPATORY Leadership Mtgs. Excerpt from research – “Clearly, every meeting of more than 4-5 people needs a leader who will keep an open and balanced conversational flow and protect individuals and
their ideas from personal attack from others.”

Allowing open feed-back from your leaders will greatly increase the chances of long-term success and commitment. Research gives the fact that successful administrators are Managers Of Ideas which your leaders represent.

A meeting atmosphere which hinders or restricts the flow of ideas will snuff the life out of once-inspired leaders. The Japanese system of management places a high degree of importance upon employee participation. Ideas and suggestions are expected to bubble from the bottom, and not trickle down from the top. Here’s a IDEA – don’t allow anyone to evaluate ideas during certain brainstorming sessions until all ideas are given. Following is a way that you could do this for important decisions…

** ANONYMITY IDEA: Have expressed ideas written on chalk board or overhead by a neutral individual, without the name of the author, then the individual’s idea become a group idea. After awhile, group members tend to forget who originally made a particular suggestion. This DE-PERSONALIZATION takes away any stigma of feeling that may be attached to an idea and makes
it more conducive for openness.

** “How can I better UNDERSTAND and MEET the needs of my leaders?” should be a leading question in your mind during every discussion, rather than, “What other jobs can I delegate to them?” Endeavoring to treat each leader with trust and respect instead of viewing them in terms of position on the organizational chart will enhance their productivity tremendously. Allowing
Responsible and Gifted leaders to run with the ball and work their ideas will bring appreciation for your vote of confidence in them. Build into the group an allowance for conflict, It’s not always bad.

** PRAISE is the Best Motivator!! – Look for opportunities to Show Appreciation to your leaders (Especially in a meeting setting where the others can hear.) They’ll go the extra mile and you’ll never lack respect. According to a recent survey, personal recognition topped salary as the most wanted requirement of a new job. (Be careful to avoid “glad-handling your leadership,” They will see right through it.) That which gets rewarded get done” is the worlds greatest management principle.

** Evaluate and Maintain Your Meeting Objectives;





A. Schedule all MPC’s at Annual Planning Retreat.

1. CONSISTENCY must be assured with few exceptions.

2. Pastor’s consistent commitment to M.P.C. makes a statement of his priorities to leadership.

3. Insure promptness, and punctuality of each meeting.

B. The MPC Meeting Preparation – Room, Location & Refreshments

1. T.C.G. Secretary should contact all leaders 1 week prior to communicate meeting location and obtain additional topics for agenda, (also give copy of rough draft?).

2. T.C.G. Secretary may call all leaders previous night to remind of meeting.

3. Have review of rough-draft agenda 3-4 days prior to meeting with Pastor.

4. Delegate next month’s meeting room preparations (Temp., lights, seating, overhead, coffee pot, etc.) at this months meeting. Preparations should be complete 10-20 minutes prior to meeting.

5. Arrange tables for comfort, close communication and easy passing of food, papers, etc., across the table. (Refreshments and binders should be in mind.)

6. Remind the once in charge of refreshment accommodations and clean-up.

7. Refreshments should be on the tables 10-15 minutes prior to meeting time.

8. Should be held in private location – Library, Leadership Office, etc.

9. Copier should always be turned ON before and after meetings for leaders.

C. M.P.C. Seating

1. Head Table should include Pastor, Assistant, Church Growth Secretary, (and Pastor’s Wife is needed.) VERY IMPORTANT for T.G.G. Secretary to be at head table for communication purposes,

2. Good to seat very positive individuals closest to the head table on both sides (when you have some round robin brainstorming sessions, they will set it in positive motion).

D. Monthly Report and Other Pointers

1. Re-read Binder Section about Monthly Meetings before first few M.P.C.’s.

2. Consider the “22 Rules For Management And Motivation” within your Resource Ideas section of Department Binder.

3. Questions you should be asking leaders are, “Where, What Time, Who, How Much, etc.” Dates and events should already have been approved.

4. Leaders must turn in a copy of their Monthly Report to the Secretary first thing and retain a copy for reference during the meeting as well as for their own purposes.

5. Secretary should stack reports in order according to agenda for Pastor to refer to.

6. It may be a good idea to have the Secretary to hand you the respective reports as you begin discussion of each Department.

7. May have leaders read Result Portions of report for Pastor and leaders to hear.

8. The Secretary is to insure every space is filled in and problems reported in writing on reports.

9. VERY IMPORTANT! Pastor should always at least glance through Monthly Reports at meeting so the leaders see that he places importance upon them. This is a good time to show appreciation.

10. May have Secretary briefly read major points of meeting notes to close meeting include items to be on Tag-In, and Directives given, etc.

11. Good to give a hand-out paper to leaders at each monthly meeting i.e., Christian Comic, good articles, etc.

(The original source of the above material is unknown.)

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