Principles of Holiness (Newsletter 3-1 Blog)

r c craft

By R C Craft 

There is considerable discussion in our time regarding right and wrong. One individual asserts that a particular point of view is an essential truth while others contend for a different point of view. There is room for discussion and di- vergence regarding some concepts; however, some foundational principles are not debatable. This se- ries of articles will attempt to identify some of those essential concepts. If we are all to “contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints (Jud 1:3)” we certainly must be able to identify the precepts of that faith! The first of this series of articles identified four Biblical principles that are significant to the Apostolic Pentecostal (Oneness) movement. They are:

1. There is a God that is involved in the affairs of men.

2. Men must have an understanding of the identity of Jesus Christ.

3. A born-again experience as described in Acts 2:37-38 is essential to salvation.

4. Born-again Christians will walk in ” … holiness, without which no man shall see  the Lord” (Heb 12:14),

The second of the series presented one of the principles upon which a life of holiness should be established. God is holiness. He is pure, clean, per- fect, immutable and unchangeable. -Any human who entertains a relationship with God must choose to be separated from the appearance, actions and atti- tudes of the world. “You cannot serve God and mammon.” (Mat 6:24; Luke 16:13). Separation from the ungodliness of this world is necessary if we are to be received by God and acknowledged as his spiri- tual children.

This article, the third of the series, will present a second perspective regarding holiness. To be re- ceived of God is to draw near to God. The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (Act 11:26). After a full year of teaching the members of the con- gregation apparently developed characteristics that resembled Jesus Christ. A born-again Christian should be a follower of Jesus Christ. A true child of God will resemble his/her Father! A Christian should strive to resemble Jesus Christ.