Project 7 Bible Clubs

With all the negativity that pervades our school system, Project 7 (P7) Bible Clubs and Campus Ministries International (CMI) has become a positive venue in the lives of students in Pensacola, Florida and the surrounding area, giving them a place to study the Word and have a positive impact in the school system. The P7 program targets students who are searching for truth and meaning in life, and are desperate for purpose.

Bro. Jeremy Stafford, youth pastor of First Pentecostal Church in Pensacola, started these ministries as he recognized a need in the surrounding schools. “I have a burden for the students of Pensacola,” said Bro. Stafford, “and it is a very effective way to conduct outreach and develop relationships within your schools.”

The formula of the P7 and CMI programs provided by the General Youth Division of the UPCI makes it easy to implement and to be able to get into the schools. “To date I have started two P7 clubs and one CMI,” said Bro. Stafford. “These ministries are student-led and are designed for students to evangelize their schools. I am there to support them, but I want them to develop their ministries and leadership skills. Our first P7 is in Newpoint and is led by a young woman in our youth group. This is a new P7 and averages four members at present. The other P7 has just been implemented in Gulf Breeze High School, and we are expecting great results as well.”

Bro. Stafford and his team of students have seen successful results as these ministries continue to grow. “Our CMI has been established the longest and has reached up to 10 attendees,” explains Bro. Stafford. “We have seen just about every visitor to this club attend our Wednesday night youth services, and recently a young lady from this group received the Holy Ghost. In addition, we had a new attendee at our Gulf Breeze location, and she let us pray for her. She needed healing in her body. The young woman that leads this group spoke on faith, and at the end, Maddy (the visitor) recognized the need for faith in her life.”

Bro. Stafford is excited about the existing clubs and the prospect of starting new ones in the future, not only to help the students in their school systems but also to help his youth group to grow and have a positive impact on this generation. “I believe this is an easy way for our youth to connect with their friends and invite them to something that is convenient,” said Bro. Stafford. “Then once they are connected, we can speak truth into their lives. This can be a light that is much needed in our society today. This formula empowers our students to reach for others, and it also gives our local youth group something to work together on as a team.”